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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Maklaryn and Chanta-Rose

Feb 6, 2003 - Performers: and

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Maklaryn is punished and humiliated in the cell by Chanta. There is good tit slapping and strapon fucking here.

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Feb 7, 2003

Uninspired, no heat, so very little intensity. The girl obviously does not like it rough, why did you bother to shoot her? Try screening your models a little better as far as attitude. I give it a three, in part because the girl was kind of cute but mostly because of Chanta, who is so hot as always even if she did take it way to easy with both the pleasure and the pain in this scene. Again, you guys will continue to lose customers after the first month if you only update once a week. Thats five bucks a week for a low resolution, 35 minute unispired (this weeks for sure) scene. Just ain't gonna cut it. Three weeks left on my membership, lets see some inspiration if you want a renewal.


Fair (3)

Feb 8, 2003

I totally agree with paisants observations. UPDATE MORE, we pay for it


Fair (3)

Feb 8, 2003

I concur with the call for more updates. I fully understand how impossible it is to please everyone with every update, but it is a lot easier to overlook a halfhearted update when there is a potentially awesome update just around the corner. Give us six to seven updates per month (four is too few). , or better yet, combine Whipped Ass with Hogtied. By the way--Chanta absolutely Rocks…and please bring back Emiko and Sadie.


Fair (3)

Feb 11, 2003

Webmaster... I have been all through your site from oldest to newest. The sad fact is your early stuff was harder and had more equipment. Please start to use more bondage equipment and use girls who are consistant with the amount of pain they take. Its no use us looking at Kim and pierced angel who are great and then having a wimp just there for the money. I thought the wheel scene with Kim was great. The leg spreading scene with Sadie was great, The huge dildo scene with Girlie was great. But these great scenes are mixed with so much same old stuff members loose interest. You have the potential to be great please do something about it.


Fair (3)

Feb 12, 2003

I liked it.I liked the fact that the sub cant take too much and keeps crying.i reaaly like chanta as a dom.She slaps and humiliates which is great.


Good (4)

Apr 11, 2003



Great! (5)

Apr 20, 2003

Very hot ride on the nob there at the end.


Great! (5)

Mar 9, 2004



Great! (5)