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Kym Wilde, Trixie and Simone

Jan 25, 2002 - Performers: , and

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Kym invites pro dom for Trixie, gets bored, tries to dom the dom! Kym invites pro dom for Trixie, gets bored, tries to dom the dom!
Kym invites pro dom for Trixie, gets bored, tries to dom the dom! Kym invites pro dom for Trixie, gets bored, tries to dom the dom!

Kym decides to invite in a professional dominatrix to work Trixie. Part way through the scene, Kym gets bored with the proceedings and decides to take control of it herself. She attempts to dominate the professional dominatrix and receives somewhat of a shock!

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Jan 25, 2002

Its getting worse, only 28 pix this week, and none any good. No decent pix so far this year, think I'm gonna have to quit this site.


Poor (1)

Jan 26, 2002

first off, I sure think you look great in your new outfit Kim, and the bottom you are useing this week is very sexy. And, I also like the new collar, but when are you going to FOCUS your pictures!?! This has been going on now for several months now!


Good (4)

Jan 28, 2002

This site is mostly about video. This particular shoot was also taken with a camera that was found to be malfunctionning. I am sorry for your dissappoinment, but I am sure you will find the movie for this update very entertaining as did I.


Good (4)

Nov 7, 2002

I love the way Simone strokes Trixy's thigh. You're right, I have to admit that Simone's quiet, loving, domination is much more of a turn on than Kym's action in this scene. Simone seems stronger because she doesn't HAVE to do all that whipping stuff. She's forceful and firm just in the way she talks to Trixy. Man, I'd love to see another scene done with just Simone and Trixy.


Good (4)

Oct 22, 2003

FINALLY !! A real Black Dominatrix !!!!!! Let's see more of Her complete with ropes, bondage, huge black strap-on, and at least two of your hottest models kneeling at Her sides submissively awaiting Her worst !! (thanks)


Fair (3)

Oct 9, 2006

clip 9 was so hot!!!!!!!!!!!. wish Simon would have dominated kim more


Great! (5)

Oct 9, 2006

where can i see more of simon? plus i would love to see her dominate kim


Great! (5)

Sep 11, 2011

love simone would love c her own kym domate kym


Great! (5)