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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Kym Wilde, Jamie Gillis and Tierra

Nov 30, 2001 - Performers: , and

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Playful scene with Tierra, Kym and Jamie Playful scene with Tierra, Kym and Jamie Playful scene with Tierra, Kym and Jamie
Playful scene with Tierra, Kym and Jamie Playful scene with Tierra, Kym and Jamie Playful scene with Tierra, Kym and Jamie

It turns out that Tierra wasnt much into SM. So this is a playfull scene where Jamie and Kym have fun with her. Next week Jamie Gillis will do a much more intense scene dominating Kym.

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Dec 1, 2001

Should have been scraped. Even the lightest is too much for her. But then Kym and Jamie know this, hence the second or extended shoot, which looks much more interesting from the photos.


Poor (1)

Dec 3, 2001's rubbish!


Poor (1)

Dec 2, 2001

lose it. but we await jamie taking kim. hopefully the beginning of kim's domination?


Poor (1)

Dec 4, 2001

I prefer if Kym dominates this girl, or another girl dominated by this girl. Black mistress would be nice ;-)


Poor (1)

Dec 8, 2001

One more comment...where did this poor girl get her breast implants...Dr Frankanstein. They are the worst I have seen.


Poor (1)

Dec 17, 2001

Plain and dull, again tame


Poor (1)

Mar 18, 2002

Could be even better without permanent injury if a switch were used with moderate force. Nothing great about seeing beautiful women "whipped" for ten minutes without any significant marks.... Otherwise, humiliation and acting OK.


Great! (5)

Dec 2, 2002

very very soft


Poor (1)

Dec 4, 2002

Tierra is hot, to bad she is a sorry ass excuse for a sub. Select stripper next time that can suck some dick and take a beating. I mean to be honest the only reason this is getting a 2, is because she is a hot bitch


Below average (2)

Mar 30, 2003

For me, Tierra is just great! I love her big tits!!!


Great! (5)

Oct 22, 2003



Fair (3)

Jul 27, 2009

Not believable. Sub Tierra leaves a lot to be desired.


Below average (2)

Dec 15, 2009

shrieks this waas GREAT! kym is a bad bitch an i looove jamie gillis and tierra was a cutie so great job!


Great! (5)

Jun 29, 2010

One of the worst shoots I've seen in along time. Nobody seems to be into it.


Poor (1)

Sep 21, 2010

On a second viewing, I realize this is absolute crap. Neither the dom nor the sub is into it. Kym tries her best, but it's a flop.


Below average (2)

Dec 4, 2014

This was embarrassing to watch... Very cringe worthy. Was she really that naive to arrive for a bdsm shoot, totally clueless?


Poor (1)