Ultimate Surrender Presents - Rookie Cup Final - Squirting Orgasms in Round 4!!!
Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM

Kym Wilde and Lana Lynx

Jul 28, 2001 - Performers: and

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Kym doms Lana at Power Exchange in SF Kym doms Lana at Power Exchange in SF Kym doms Lana at Power Exchange in SF
Kym doms Lana at Power Exchange in SF Kym doms Lana at Power Exchange in SF Kym doms Lana at Power Exchange in SF

Lana gets dominated by Kym at the Power Exchange in San Francisco. Lana is bigger and taller than Kym but she cannot compete with Kym's dominating character.

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Sep 13, 2001

It is a good start, would like to see more S & M the clamps are great more along those lines. Maybe more bondage and control. Keep up the good work.



Feb 18, 2002

KW looks great - but anything but a REDHEAD



Aug 14, 2002

Great set, except for the blurred pics. The models are hot and the action is great, but the blurriness of the photos take away a lot of the WOW facter. In fact in a few they are so blurry you cann't see what is going on.



Aug 30, 2002

Shes very hot!!!!!



Nov 5, 2001

great session



Feb 5, 2002

More from this tall girl is what we need!!Come on kym do more sessions with her



Oct 17, 2002

Nice stuff....redhead was very pretty and sweet...Kim, next time were some boots and have more boot worship!!



Feb 18, 2003

absolutel do more sessions with her. She is so sexy and beautiful, actually you both are.



Jul 31, 2005

fuck you! these women never read this shit!



Oct 29, 2005

I love it when women have their heads back and neck exposed, this is one of the few softcore pieces I can ... have fun with



Sep 9, 2006

Good stuff, I've now downloaded every single film from this site. So it's off to Hogtied for me. Thanks girls.



Sep 3, 2007

Many models do read these, but not 2 years after they shot it!



Jan 21, 2009



Fair (3)

Sep 21, 2010

Not as strong as her start with Sadie. Less spontaneity, dialogue not as strong. Stockings are nice -- there should be nylons in all scenes. Too much "formal" BDSM.


Fair (3)

Nov 28, 2010



Great! (5)