Sex And Submission Presents - The Good, The Bad and the Rotten - with Bonnie Rotten & James Deen
Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM

Comments made by bcreno

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Apr 2, 2012

This is very intriguing. The outlook is fresh and new. I will be following the progress.

Whipped Ass
Mar 30, 2012

What a display of stamina by Krysta . Thanks Bobbi and Krysta please have her back soon. Photos not loaded.

Electro Sluts
Mar 8, 2012

Great start on shoot, but classic 404 error on all photo files.

Device Bondage
Mar 3, 2012

Classic 404 error message on all zip picture files. The Ladies were great and did a great job. Cassandra is beautiful and tough.

Device Bondage
Feb 9, 2012

Thanks Cassandra and Matt, a great shoot. Please return asap.

Feb 4, 2012

Awesome model and to do this for a first shoot. Gutsy deserving of all that can be thrown at her. Lets see her back and soon. A very beautiful young lady in many ways. Thans to all.

Device Bondage
Jan 13, 2012

There should be a return engagement.

Whipped Ass
Jan 13, 2012

I couldn't tell who enjoyed this more Remy or Lorelie. I only wish I could have been there to partake.

Whipped Ass
Dec 9, 2011

All photo files missing classic 404 error. Video is awesome thanks Bobbi and Juliette.

Wired Pussy
Oct 15, 2011

There isn't one prior comment I don't agree with. More More More Please

Device Bondage
Sep 25, 2011

Bobby and Nacho have set a new a new level in Kink sites. This is S&S. The epitome to which S&S has been striving to to achieve. Well done all.

Sex And Submission
Sep 23, 2011

Lyla was great however this seems more like your new site than PD. I have found men tend to be after one thing only and its women who really ice the cake.

Public Disgrace
Sep 22, 2011

Oh so cute yet Mae needs to return for additional training.Thanks to all.

Sep 10, 2011

Matt you've gone and screwed up, screwed up big time. You let this tremendous girl leave the set. Shame, Shame on you you need to get her back for ASAP. Thank you Lizzy.

Sep 6, 2011

Not only is she tough but what a looker. Please have her back SOON. Thank you Matt and Amy.