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Comments made by Larkspur

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Aug 29, 2015

I often mention Lea Lexis and Dana Dearmond as two of your truly outstanding dommes here at Kink. It is my oversight that I neglected to mention Chanel Preston. She is among the upper level and can hold her own in dealing with any sub. As for having untrained subs attempt to dom please save that idea for in-house training sessions. This is a prime time showcase and if anything the doms need to be harder, stricter and not trying to learn the profession on my membership fees.

Whipped Ass
Aug 25, 2015

EB seemingly has a script(interview, very light spanking, toy, fisting, strapon, enema, post interview, call it a wrap) and they are not going to deviate from that script. As a result these shoots become more conservative by the week. As soon as Penny tells Alexa to put her fingers in her own ass for some self play the screen fades. In today's age of selfies, sexting, and all sorts of self display it is jarring that the only person that seems to touch the models at Kink are males and other dominant females, like the 1950's. Trust me -letting the models use their own asses during the shoot won't give them hairy palms. We have seen this shoot hundreds of times before with different models. The shoot was slow, methodical, and lacked chemistry. Whatever happened to the creative Kink/EB of years ago???

Everything Butt
Aug 18, 2015

Shoot is an example of why Audrey is one of the top anal queens of all time and why Angel is a raw natural talent as a top and should be allowed to really develop her skills. Audrey has an asshole that takes whatever she decides it is going to take and during her career she has made it take a lot. Angel should be given unlimited amounts of female asses with instructions to be as raunchy, creative, and rough a top as possible. Within a year I bet she would be approaching the Lea Lexis, Dana Dearmond level(and those two are really good!!!).

Everything Butt
Aug 11, 2015

Like a number of other subs have done, during the interview Bianca tells us that she can do a number of things-including self -fisting- to her own ass but we never give her a chance to join in on the fun and work over her own ass. Likewise, during the scene Francesca mentions that they are doing "rookie anal shit" but instead of increasing the intensity, the edge, the roughplay, everyone seems to simply stay on script. I enjoy new, first-time models as much as the next member but at some point we need to bring back some of these fine models with juicy asses and really satisfy their cravings by pushing their hard and rough limits. Right now we seem to be a audition studio trying many different flavors of assmeat candy but not stopping long enough to really go deep and hard and enjoy them. All in all-decent shoot.

Everything Butt
Aug 7, 2015

Ariel, thank you for your comments. Kink and EB continue to bring us an incredible array of outstanding performers. Each of them does an outstanding job and many of them have the potential of being the next breakout superstar. Thank you to all!!

Everything Butt
Aug 5, 2015

Abella shows a lot of potential as a dom but she has yet to show she can take even half of what even the newest anal subs can handle here at EB. She has taken on small anal toys in two shoots at EB and has yet to show even a modest gape. On the other hand Savannah has taken on all comers as a first class sub and does not disappoint in this effort. Abella has an ass for the ages but eventually she has to unwrap that sportscar, kick the tires, and take it for a serious spin around the tracks. As a spectator in the stands I am still waiting to see what that ass can do.

Everything Butt
Jul 28, 2015

Dear Kink/EB, We are critical we you offer us the rare subpar shoot. But then you bounce back with anal stars like Ella and Casey in a smokin' hot shoot such as this offering. Hopefully you will phase out the vanilla anal productions and continue to focus on deep and wide anal masturbation, self anal discipline(with heavy self asswhipping), girl/girl punch assfisting, no-warmup assfisting, and anal footing. We put your work on a pedestal not only because of the standard you have set but also because we love you. Another Excellent piece of Work!!! Larkspur,

Everything Butt
Jul 22, 2015

This would be cutting-edge and groundbreaking anal if this were 2005 but it is 2015 and the shoot was fairly run of the mill stuff. EB is really starting to slip back in the pack regarding the heavier asspounding, big gaping, all-girl, anal. As a number of us have said numerous times- some of these same models go on to other directors/producers and stretch and pound their asses to no end. We should not be a pit stop before they go back to the harder stuff. This shoot felt like a pit stop!!

Everything Butt
Jul 15, 2015

Anal perfection!! An instant classic!! Also, thank you Proxy for noting that EB(which includes us members) took a lot of your first anal cherries, to include fisting. There are only a few dommes who can expertly handle this much asshole and Lea is among that elite group. Excellent Work!!

Everything Butt
Jul 7, 2015

This shoot demonstrates why Dana and Leya are A list adult performers. Leya serves her ass up to Dana and begs Dana to gape her, spank her really hard, fist her, and foot her asshole. EB almost seemed embarrassed with how hard Dana was hitting Leya's asscheeks at one point and cutaway to a facial shot of Leya. All the while we could hear the ass being pounded with Dana's hand hitting it and turning it extremely red. Dana and Leya remind us, in this shoot, what rough, hard, "nekid", asspounding, girl/girl porn is like amongst the big girls. These women are "ballers"!!!

Everything Butt
Jun 11, 2015

Nothing more boring and less exciting than whiny bitches on a butt site complaining that seeing a lot of ass in doggy style being spanked, whipped, and serviced in other ways is boring. Asscheeks are what bring us and millions of other men and women to anal websites. There is nothing that will change our DNA to make the legs up position the predominant style. As for the smug suggestion that we might rummage through prior updates to see asscheeks I would politely suggest that member go fuck himself and rummage through old updates himself for legs up screenshots. Signed, ASSCHEEKS/DOGGIESTYLE RULE!!

Everything Butt
Jun 10, 2015

Ledger, Ariel has one of the hottest big asses in the business. Please tell me when we got a full view of that ass that was not in the legs up position. Who knows when she will have time to let us explore that ass again. I felt this legs up obsession that you have cost me some really quality butt shots in this shoot and I feel cheated. I said so in my first post.

Everything Butt
Jun 9, 2015

Nice shoot but we have gone overboard with the "legs in the air/let me gaze into your eyes/I need to get the girlfriend feel" mumbo-jumbo. This is not EverythingAnusandEyeballs, this is EverythingButt but I barely got to see the full asses of the performers. I realize you are responding to "the whiner" but the round ass hams of a woman are an irresistable draw. Ariel has not lost her touch and Kimmy has an asshole that can take whatever the dom wants to dish out. EB is finding performers who have big holes wanting rough pounding. Good Work!!

Everything Butt
Jun 4, 2015

Once again, just when I think it may be time to move on for a little while Kink and EB pull a gem out of their back pockets. From the ass sucking, to the non-stop anal play and big hole fisting this shoot has everything. It seems that whenever Ariel is directly involved in the shoot we get this kind of hot, filthy, backdoor action. Take a bow ladies-everyone of you deserves it. Also, Lisa has a big, open, wet, ass that deserves a LOT more work!!

Everything Butt
May 26, 2015

Disappointing on a lot of different levels. First, Krissy was clearly off her game and let Abella run the scenes without giving up a ton of gaped ass. Krissy should have given Abella a little bit of control in exchange for giving up a bigger and deeper asshole. Instead Krissy kept telling Abella to stop trying to take control-ARE YOU SERIOUS? Abella barely took a small sized dildo, never gaped, and spent most of her time doing ATM(as she has done in other videos). Second, shoot should have been longer to get asses open. EB is supposed to be at the top of the female, anal, food chain but the asses have been closed tighter than the gold repository in recent weeks. Thirdly, I am a huge fan of Abella and she has an all-star ass that could become the next anal superstar. There is no way Lea, Dana, Phoenix, Chanel, Ariel, Mistress Madeline or a number of other female tops would have let her and Nicoles big asses finish the shoot without putting in some serious work. Her asshole needs to get bigger or her anal fans will just move on. Those who comment it's all about limits should tell us what performer became a superstar without being able to do very big girl anal!!

Everything Butt