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Comments made by Larkspur

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Jan 29, 2014

EverythingButt is on a roll cementing it's reputation as the candy store of all-female, big, juicy, anal, porn. There are so many hot, deep-ass, updates, coming out that its' hard to keep track of them all. This three girl analfest features some of the finest assmeat around. Marty and crew are really at the top of their game!!!

Everything Butt
Jan 26, 2014

Nice shoot but Veruca was doing an incredible job servicing Caseys asshole and deep-throating her cock and the cameraperson missed almost all of it during the couch scene. Overall hot shoot!!

Everything Butt
Jan 23, 2014

This site became lesbian, hard anal, many moons ago by popular demand. In less than a second a person could go to an unlimited amount of male/female sites here at kink or elsewhere on the net. Please, please stop whining every week about the lack of hairy scrotums on everythingbutt. Good to see Violet offering her ass again!!

Everything Butt
Jan 10, 2014

Ariel and Syren do a good job working on each others rump meat. Please stay with all females having big asses of differnt ages. Adding males or only female teens would be as interesting as watching that straight missionary sex that caused many a porn site to go out of business.

Everything Butt
Jan 1, 2014

EB please take a bow!! You have stormed back with a vengeance in these latest updates and have made LOUD and CLEAR that you will not give an inch in the big-booty, all-girl, anal, arena. Welcome back old friend-now lets get to work!!!

Everything Butt
Dec 17, 2013

Starting to get a little concerned. A range of competitors from Sinn to Silvera to Adriano to Vespoli and others are producing a seemingly endless of supply of big-butted female newcummers and veterans. Many of their performers put their assmeat through the same tricks as EB. Meanwhile EB is producing B-list foreign talent or slim U.S. models with very slight asses. C'mon EB you can do better!!!!

Everything Butt
Dec 12, 2013

Is it possible that we could be spared every report of every possible injury in the extreme assfucking industry. I am as concerned as the next person but there is a reason we come here for the extreme stuff. Anything "extreme" has a risk of injury whether it is extreme skiing or extreme hotdog eating. That is why we come here. The females look very aware and interested in "extreme" anal and do a decent job of exploring the limits of their asses. They do not look like they are interested in our sympathy. EB is doing a great job of exploring the limits of sexual fetish!!

Everything Butt
Dec 5, 2013

I would like to add my voice to those saying that now that Darling has opened and shared that big, juicy, ass with us she can't now take it away. She needs to be re-booked in the future with a lot more rough assplay.

Everything Butt
Dec 3, 2013

Darling has been advertised as one of the toughest kink models but she had never really pushed her asshole. She now has reason to brag. Her asshole passed with flying colors!!

Everything Butt
Nov 27, 2013

Hats off to Dana DeArmond!!! In an industry where many females have a hunger to show how far their asses can be stretched she does much of the stretching, along with a few other female doms. She has held back the last two weeks with first-timers but her level of hardcore, hot and nasty has few equals. Next shoot please put her with an experienced performer and unleash her inner hardcore again. Dana and Bailey alone would have been really hot!!!

Everything Butt
Nov 14, 2013

Both models went straight for the hole and seemed to enjoy the shoot, yummy. Also, Casey Calvert seems to really bring it whether she is working here or on other projects. Thumbs up EB!!!

Everything Butt
Nov 2, 2013

Women have become very aggressive and creative in going after the female asshole. Whether gaping each other, sucking each others hole or using strap-ons they make it hot!! Penny and Kristina are both in this mold of today's porn actress.

Everything Butt
Oct 29, 2013

A winner.

Everything Butt
Oct 15, 2013

Also watched the trailer and based on your recent work it looks hottt!!! Audrey is a natural dom. Would like to request you book Valentina Nappi for a EB shoot. She is a hot, new, performer with a greedy, winking asshole that likes having her hole ravaged by other females.

Everything Butt
Oct 12, 2013

Mistress Madeline needs to do more of these types of shoots. Watching her give a genuine hard asswhipping using all of the subs holes is refreshing. WhippedAss needs to focus on harder, more authentic beatings. That is how you made your name.

Whipped Ass