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Comments made by Larkspur

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Dec 31, 2012

Sheena gave an open invitation to have her eat it and Tiffany came on her belly. A much wasted opportunity!!

TS Pussy Hunters
Dec 25, 2012

Each time we start raving about how the newcummers are starting to set the new anal standards, EB brings in some of the current anal superstars and makes a statement. From extreme solos, to big girls gapes, to deep anal stuffing these performers demonstrate why they intend to remain at the top. Excellent!!!

Everything Butt
Dec 18, 2012

Sheena Shaw is another one of the new porn models who has levels of hot and nasty beyond most and it shows in this shoot. It is also nice to see Francesca bring some of the harder punishment that she uses in her anal hazing productions. These new models are not only testing their own pieces of assmeat they are setting the new limits for what is considered hardcore. Hot models in hot scenes. Good work EB!!

Everything Butt
Dec 15, 2012

I need to upgrade my vote from good to great. It has been a while since I have seen Ariel provide as much of her own asshole for use as she did in this shoot. The further I got in the shoot the more of her big, creamy, ass was used, primarily by Dana. Sorry for the original rating.

Everything Butt
Dec 12, 2012

Kudos EB, you all hit it out of the park this week. In the past there seemed to be an aversion to letting the ladies play solo with their bodies and asses but this week u gave them some time to show off. Katja then came in and really got them squared away. Excellent work!!

Everything Butt
Dec 6, 2012

This was a solid shoot with three of the top of the line heavy, hitters of porn. There were no real upside surprises so I gave a "good" rating. If, as suggested, EB gets rid of the roughsex, spitting, dirty talk,ect.. and goes solely to sweet kisses and loving embraces this would no longer be alternative kink. EB and it's members are provided unlimited access to some of the hottest female asses around.Taking away many of the tools we use to push and evaluate that talent makes no sense. Please continue to incorporate rougher sex, dirty talk, ect..

Everything Butt
Nov 27, 2012

Finally EB gets back to combining a rough discipline shoot with some hard,lesbian anal. Syren initially looked surprised when Lia told her all of the punishment she could take but Syren did a good job putting her to the test. Lia will probably do rougher stuff in the future and I hope some of it is back here at EB. Harsh discipline with deep, all-girl anal is always a winner!!

Everything Butt
Nov 20, 2012

EB has the deep anal thing down cold but whatever happened to the rough sex. I thought we were going to get rough in this shoot when Chanel had the paddleboard but after a few light taps it was put away. Each week the performers are told, and the written descriptions read that the scene may include rough sex. We then we go on to some of the nicest, kindest, lesbian, deep anal out there and I lose my wood. The consolation is that many of these same performers(doms and subs) go to other places in the porn universe and do much harder and rougher scenes. Also, the action was pretty standard and it was obvious that neither sub was being pushed very hard.

Everything Butt
Nov 14, 2012

Audrey has always been out front in hardcore anal but I agree its' really time to focus on the new young talent that is very much willing to put their asses to the test. Also, Francesca is everywhere now and might be getting a bit overexposed. Aren't there other female doms who can whip and eat female asses? Lastly, how could you have Ariel in a shoot with that big, delicious, ass and not demand that it be put to some serious work? What a waste!! -Seems like EB has taken a step back since that Amy/Roxy Raye shoot from a couple of weeks ago.

Everything Butt
Nov 10, 2012

Some of the sexiest scenes EB has done in the past involve setting the scenes up and moving up to some really hot, rough, and nasty all-girl sex. This shoot went almost directly from the interviews to the females bent over with glass dildos in their holes and Francesca working them over. Too much of an assembly line feel.

Everything Butt
Oct 30, 2012

The question of whether EB is the premiere all-girl, anal sex, site is now settled beyond doubt. This ain't(sic) your grandfathers "girlie magazine in the backroom" porn. It is some of the most cutting edge, extreme, stuff out there. EB is one of the only venues that has the ability to challenge anal freaks of nature Roxy Raye and Amy Brooke. Excellent Work!!

Everything Butt
Oct 25, 2012

Excellent explanation Marty. This site is afterall Everything Butt(female). It is not Everything Penis, or Everything Balls, or Everything Man ass. There are plenty of venues for those tastes and I say indulge in whatever legal fantasies you have. After a hectic day at work I come to this site to see females celebrate and play roughhouse with their own asses and the asses of other females. I do not wish to have a scrotum sack blocking my view. At some point the whining and crying needs to stop and let us lovers of the female ass sign up and stay here forever.

Everything Butt
Oct 23, 2012

Very hot update!! For the lovers of big, juicy, female asses nothing beats watching these anal superstars eat each others holes out. Please do not let the complaints about wanting to watch some big, hairy, dudes in the middle of these all girl anal fests slow you down. Continue bringing on the females with big, gaping asses.

Everything Butt
Oct 18, 2012

Fairly decent action with hot models. Veruca James joins a growing list of young, new, female, anal,performers who do not believe their asses have any limits. Her comments about being "bulletproof" and having no limits were telling. EB has the top on-screen talent and needs to keep pursuing the next hardcore level outside the envelope. With lesbians!!

Everything Butt
Oct 10, 2012

Very nice work. Although I agree with the comment about the nails, anytime you have a talent like Kristina opening an ass like Brandy's I'm all in. More Please!!

Everything Butt