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Aug 21, 2006

I felt really bad for Sabrina in this update. It's obvious that this was not a safe environment. As soon as Sabrina said that she had never been dommed by a woman, Sandra saw it as a challenge and not in a fun way - she wanted to teach her a lesson beyond the boundaries of the actual scene and beyond the boundaries of fun S&M. It is also obvious that certain boundaries weren't discussed initally, such as anal sex - this is apparent when you see how unnerved Sabrina gets at the mention of it. This isn't playful nervousness - Sabrina was visibly shaken and taken out of her element. You can tell during the interview when Sabrina was acting and when there was actual fear - whether this was a fear of losing the gig or not getting paid or something else, I don't know. What I do know is that Sabrina was not adequately prepared by the staff for this shoot. This was apparent during 2:33 of Clip 5 when there is a blantant cut because Sabrina needed to stop. It is obvious that Cybernet or Kink or whatever you call yourselves now, has taken to using high-pressure tactics on the models rather than maintaining the relaxed atmosphere that Chanta Rose had previously established. This is why there is a lack of talent on the sites and you have to keep using the same talent over and over again. I've subscribed to your various brands for over 4 years now, because it seemed that you people had an understanding of how trust plays a role in maintaining S&M relationships (and you probably did when Chanta was in charge), but the deplorable ways in which models have been treated in recent updates, particularly by Sandra Romain (I'm sure this isn't the first time she has inappropriately pushed the limits of a model), shows me that you have thrown aside the ideals that initially made you reputable in favor of establishing a brandname.

Whipped Ass
Jul 22, 2006

This was a great video. Cole is great at being a sensual domme. She did another great scene with Mitch on MIP where she was sensual but dominant - I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed her in this video. Cole is consistently good in all of her work; one of my favorites on the Kink sites.

Whipped Ass
Mar 5, 2004

she sounds like a robot. please no more Mika

Men In Pain
Feb 15, 2004

I disagree. After watching this scene I felt really bad for both Venus and Audrey. If you have watched Venus's scene with Nick Nite or Audrey's scene with Wild Bill, then you already know that both of these doms are great. Unfortunately, they seemed to have been stuck with a really horrible slave this time around. A little co-operation goes a long way and this guy didn't co-operate at all. In fact, he ruined the scene. By the end of this one I think both Venus and Audrey wished they were making a snuff film. I felt that the most redeeming part of this scene was that it showed how irreverant and funny Audrey is: Audrey- "She can't fuck you because you're squirmin' around! You suck dick like...I don't even know where you learned to suck dick, but you don't know how to suck dick!" Fucking priceless. I wish the folks at MIP profiled their slaves more so this type of thing wouldn't happen. A good slave doesn't need to be handsome, but he needs to be willing to at least experiment. This guy wasn't just pretending to resist, he wasn't co-operating, period. It bothers me that he not only got to do a scene with two very talented individuals, but that he got paid to do so and didn't deliver. Interesting Fact: The real Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes) was a very sexual individual who didn't mind being kinky on camera. He was also bludgeoned to death with a tripod. (For the record, I don't wish this guy harm, but you must admit that that is pretty fucking ironic.)

Men In Pain