Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Comments made by Intelligo

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Jul 1, 2010

Fun shoot--Isis delivers as usual! I was wondering, any chance of some hardcore latex/gimpgirl subbing? It would probably need to be a threesome, like in "Teacher's Pet".

Whipped Ass
May 22, 2010

Loved the latex.

Whipped Ass
May 19, 2010

Not liking the new updates. Not paying for run of the mill ass porn.

Everything Butt
Apr 7, 2010

Personally I'm not much of a size fetishist. I also agree with the "why no oral?" crowd. I find toys, when not attached to a dom's hips or a sub's mouth, kinda boring. Too detached from the players.

Everything Butt
Mar 18, 2010

Loved it. However, I wish you wouldn't keep getting rid of the latex so soon into the shoots. Also, a bit more bondage would've been nice, especially during the enemas.

Everything Butt
Mar 5, 2010

Great. Quick question though, does Isis actually enjoy having her ass licked? I mean, is it purely for the camera, or does she like it?

Whipped Ass
Dec 19, 2009

These shooting rules are starting to get onerous. Would have been much, much hotter to see the squirt. If you can't show it, I'd rather not know about it at all. Do you risk running afoul of any particular laws? Or is it your own standards? Is there a list of these rules?

Everything Butt
Dec 15, 2009

Latex, funnels, and Dana are, quite possibly, the best combination you guys have thought up so far.

Everything Butt
Nov 7, 2009

Love to see her in some latex with another girl.

Everything Butt
Nov 5, 2009

If you're going to use a guy, do some really fucked up stuff. This might as well be a Sex and Submission vid.

Everything Butt
Aug 8, 2009

You could tell she didn't want to lick Delilah's ass. Please have your models make it real, sloppy, and impressive, or don't do it at all. She kept trying to block out the camera it seemed, so she wouldn't have to actually lick. Weaksauce.

Whipped Ass
Mar 11, 2009

Are there policies against the girls actually drinking any? Or are they just too squeamish? Cuz that one time in the first set of vids was really hot.

May 16, 2008

Pretty good. Attractive models as usual. However, like Mambo said, the shoots are getting a little repetitive. Any chance at some more roleplaying like teacher's pet? Or maybe a threesome? Also, are all the new models just opposed to anal?

Whipped Ass
Apr 12, 2008

I certainly enjoyed it, however s04_Kyden_Isis.wmv and mp4 both show up as white screens. Any chance we will get a fix on that?

Whipped Ass