Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Comments made by jamphi

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Oct 31, 2009

Absolutely lovely - the wee fairie strikes again! Ashley is just about as adorably sexy as a woman can be and wonderfully smart and charming in the post-session interview. Wish she had kept her eyes open more, as in her last two appearances, to enhance the pouty-helpless expression she does so naturally, but this was clearly more of an inward, pleasure-driven experience for her, and who wants to deny her that? (Hope her fiance knows what a lucky duck he is.) Bring her back as often as she wants.

Device Bondage
Oct 6, 2009

Another triumph for Ashley, who puts the w in waif (and wee faerie)- about the most adorable young woman ever on any of your sites. Loved LL & MM's huge heels in the second set, which made her appear toy-size by comparison. As in her recent WA shoot, she has a gift for savoring the helpless experience, which may make it seem that the doms are overstepping when they aren't. My only negatives would be the story line, which seemed unnecessary, and lovely, spacious apartment - some subscribers may complain about your fondness for dungeons, but Ashley has exactly the right demeanor for cramped, scary places.

Wired Pussy
Sep 30, 2009

Just superb - a exquisite, vulnerable little beauty totally letting herself go, with LL absolutely relentless by the last scene. Love her pouty/helpless expression and frequently opened eyes - many models get so absorbed in the experience that they almost never make eye contact. And if she's not into rougher contact, who cares? She's simply wallowing in the whole fantasy right now, as thoroughly aroused/terrified/humiliated/tormented/orgasmic as any of your best models. Do have her back! Also, perfection on the lighting. Sail on, silver girl.

Whipped Ass
Mar 1, 2009

Wonderful to see such a perfect young Asian lady as Eve - what an exquisite body, sweet, expressive, vulnerable face, and so poised and smart in the interview! Hope to see her going solo on one or more of your sites (maybe Whpped Ass?) in the near future.

Device Bondage
Aug 9, 2008

Neat concept and model, but many of the stills seem to have been uploaded without reference numbers so that they come up as "untitled" and thus cancel each other when downloaded. Also, a car AND a truck? I can respect the motif without quite getting into it, but some other kind of restraint would have made for more variety. Any more shoots planned for this location?

Whipped Ass
Aug 2, 2008

Just purchased this through KOD - Great! doesn't begin to say it. BRILLIANT! BRILLANT! Amie is to die for, and her response to those wild suspensions is fantastic - not many your models manage to keep their eyes open in such positions, and it adds so much. Do have her on WA or WP some time.