hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Comments made by hardtimes57

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Feb 4, 2009

Madeline, you are exquisite! You're inside his head and you own his body - complete and total control. Don't know what was mnore mind mindblowing - the foot rubbing or the jacking off. Thanks to you, Wolf, and Claire for a great shoot.

Men In Pain
Jan 31, 2009

Fantastic match and a strong performance by all four ladies. I thought Team Purple would blow Red out but Ariel and a surprisinly strong showing by Tia prevailed. Ariel's wilting figure four headscissors on Alexa was a sight to behold. Team Black better be watching the films - it's going to be a great match!

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 29, 2009

There is no one, no one like Claire. Fantastic shoot. Kudos to both ladies for hot, non-stop action. Good ass fucking and I especially liked how Trinity "thanked" Claire at the end. Imaginative and fast moving. Thank you both.

Wired Pussy
Jan 28, 2009

Super shoot! Lorelei is fantastic in every way!

Men In Pain
Jan 27, 2009

Great! Kirra fought well all the way and was as tough in RD 3 as she was in RD 1. Vendetta - you remain the gold standard in Season 6. Great RD4. Sorry pieta, the wall flinging adds real spice to the experience.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 22, 2009

Donna, you are awesome! I love how you got into her head (among other places)

Wired Pussy
Jan 20, 2009

Great match. Darling said she wasn't feeling well before the match...it never showed..you are gorgeous and by far the trash talk queen of US. Love it! DarkManX80, I like how you think...coaxing the "O" is right up Darling's lane and a Bella - Adriannaconda match would be the highlight of season 6.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 15, 2009

Exquisite women, Wolf is great....director is distracting. When the ladies were working on Wolf and #4 was silent, it was a good shoot.

Men In Pain
Jan 13, 2009

Trina, you are beautiful and I love how you keep fighting, even with against a 15 pound weight advantage. Don't get discouraged - you have many fans! Bella may be new to US but she clearly has done this before. DarkManX80 is spot on... Bella vs Adriannaconda would be a fantastic match.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 2, 2009

I subscribed again just to see Maitresse. She is a goddess. Would love to see her doing an "interrogation" - man or woman. The most flawless body I've ever seen. More!

Whipped Ass
Dec 26, 2008

At first blush thought this would be a purple blowout; kudos to blue for making a real match. Genuine surprise is Ami - she dominated Amber in RD1 and held her own through the match - clearly a rising star. Thanks to all on the US Team - 2009 promises to be a great year. So, all three finalists are 3-1, who is in the first round of the playoffs and who draws a bye?

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 23, 2008

Great match! Really liked Darling's taunting and trash talk throughout the match. RD4 was especially imaginative. Darling is very good but would like to see her against an opponent like Ariel X before I rank her in the top tier.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 19, 2008

One more point, loved the dildo interrogation! Very imaginative. Would like to see more here and in Whipped Ass.

Device Bondage
Dec 18, 2008

Fantastic shoot. India is exquisite and hot! Bring her back!

Device Bondage
Nov 25, 2008

Super match! Kudos to both ladies for an exciting match. Oh Samantha, when you let your hair down there is no one in US as beautiful as you. Matt, appreciate you keeping the winner a mystery...adds some excitement to the match. This was one that could have went either way.

Ultimate Surrender