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Comments made by hardtimes57

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May 12, 2009

Supr match! Clearly Tia can no longer be called a rookie. Annie Cruz on her worst day is no pushover and Tia was in command from the first whistle. But win or lose Annie, you are a magnificent beauty. Thanks to both ladies for a super RD4.

Ultimate Surrender
May 11, 2009

Fantastic! Krissy is gorgeous! Thanks to her and Matt for a great shoot.

Device Bondage
Apr 28, 2009

Fantastic, hard fought match. For me, absolutely best RD4 I've seen. The slap at the start was wild! Thanks Dia for a fantastic treat.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 14, 2009

Great match between two seasoned veterans. Have to admit I was surprised by how one sided this match was - Adrianna lacked the spark (both in the match and afterwards) that she's shown us before. But that takes nothing from Dia - as of now I believe she is at the top of her game and #1 for season six.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 7, 2009

Super match - thanks to both ladies (and Matt). Watching Amber is always a feast for the eyes, beautiful yet ever the scrappy wrestler. Terrific RD4 - loved Yana's trash talk and watching Amber take it the hard way.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 1, 2009

Dia was absolutely spectacular! She completely overpowered and dominated her opponent - you would would never know Bella outweighed Dia by some 25 pounds by the way Dia handled her. And Dia's superior endurance was obvious - she was as powerful in RD 3 as she was in RD 1. Great, imaginative RD 4, thank you. Given what Dia has shown us in strength, endurance, and poise I'd have to say she is the best wrestler in US right now.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 29, 2009

Amber is hot, hot, hot! Loved the talk! I agree she'll become a favorite in MIP.

Men In Pain
Mar 27, 2009

Fantastic! One of the best I've seen anywhere in the Kink domain. Thank you!

Wired Pussy
Mar 24, 2009

I think Sasha has a future at US. Sasha showed a lot of poise and grit in this match - even when she was completely overwhelmed by a more experienced wrestler, she was able to keep her composure. Thanks to both ladies for a well fought match.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 3, 2009

Great match between two seasoned veterans. Could not tell which hold would win out - Wenona's vicious scissors or Adrianna's breast smothering. Good trash talk throughout. Adrianna, you are sooooo sexy; I thought it was over for you at the beginning of RD3 but you broke out of it and turned the tables. Great, imaginative RD4. Thank you both for one of the best matches this Season so far.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 24, 2009

Great match. Sinn held her own against a world class wrestler. Had there been a RD3, who knows? Amber, no one does RD4 like you. Agree Sinn is a beauty and will have a few W's very soon.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 19, 2009

This was a very good shoot. The chemistry between Mariah and Donna is obvious and makes for a terrific experience. Agree Mariah is delightfully curvy and has the sexist lips I've seen in quite some time. Mariah, I think your pussy is absolutely gorgeous!

Wired Pussy
Feb 18, 2009

Simone is exquisite! Please bring her back. Good shoot.

Men In Pain
Feb 17, 2009

Have seen Yana on other sites but she's clearly in her element at US. Good match; give Coffee credit for fighting to the end despite being 600 points down. Looking foward to seeing both of the gorgeous ladies again. Great find.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 14, 2009

What"s not to like, indeed. Great! Thank you both.

Wired Pussy