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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by hardtimes57

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Jan 20, 2012

Good shoot. Loved Sahara Rain..sorry she left so soon.

The Training Of O
Mar 28, 2011

Love interrogation scenarios! Wish there were more in other KINK sites. Isis and Lou were brillant! Thank you ladies and thanks to everyone at KINK for what you do.

Whipped Ass
Mar 5, 2011

Great match. Thank you Dia for making RD4 imaginative, fresh and exciting. BTW, first I recall seeing a ring on your left hand. If that's new - congratulations, Marine.

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 5, 2009

When shots are unscripted there's always the potential for something to go astray, I'm sure Trina's reaction was what was expected. Thanks to both Holly and Trina for taking a risk for us. Hope Holly is doing OK.

Device Bondage
Oct 4, 2009

Incrfedible role play in a fantastic scenario - plus two exquisitely beautiful women adds up to one of your best to date! Felony was absolutely perfect. Loved watching one woman subdue the other - more please!

Whipped Ass
Oct 2, 2009

One of the best shoots I've seen! Isis - you're the best! Thanks to both of you for an awesome experience.

Whipped Ass
Sep 30, 2009

Watching Harmony use him for her pleasure was great! Harmony, you are incredible - and sheer joy to watch. Thank you.

Men In Pain
Sep 24, 2009

Tina is way hot and I love the verbal humiliation. Last scene was great - would love to see more of this exquisite woman in action. Thanks to both.

Men In Pain
Aug 26, 2009

Without question, one of the best matches I've seen on US. Matt, if you don't have a Hall of Fame for the greatest bouts ever - start it with this one. Two breathtakingly beautiful women, exceptionally skilled wrestlers, who fight to complete exhaustion. I don't know how you can do it again Ariel, but I'm rooting for you honey.

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 12, 2009

Super! Kylie is really hot and she is fun to watch - especially when she gets frustrated. Thanks to both for a good shoot.

Device Bondage
Aug 6, 2009

Great shoot. Loved the position. Ariel is a great find - would very much enjoy seeing her again.

Device Bondage
Jul 31, 2009

Excellent on all counts. Kudos to both ladies for playing the scenario perfectly

Whipped Ass
Jul 4, 2009

Felony is absolutely delicious to watch. Exquisite body! Thanks to both for a great update

Device Bondage
Jun 8, 2009

Daphne, you rock! Absolutely delightful watching you ride him. Please come back.

Men In Pain
May 16, 2009

Nina, you were missed! You and Madeline make a super hot team. Thank you!

Whipped Ass