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Jun 13, 2006

Mo' Demore Pleeze! She is the most talented, photogenic mistress. Her domineering 'tude makes her scenes such a joy to watch. Great rope work and wicked techniques and sensuality separate her from the rest. Congrats on another very sexy & command(ing) performance!

Whipped Ass
May 7, 2006

Mistress Natali Demore is the best! She is so talented and beautiful. She really knows how to domme the right way. I really enjoyed how she took a newbie and self-professed pain slut and incorporated them both into a solid sexy set. The double breast worship was something to behold and her ropework was creative and masterful. (mistressful?) She took Julie Night's personal fetish (armpit worship)into account and allowed her that satisfaction in the scene. Natali's charisma and natural bubbly personality, along with her lilting laugh, are quite evident in the post-set talk. She is so fun to watch and does a fabulous, hardworking job everytime she performs. Thanx women for a fine update, esp. Mistress Natali!

Whipped Ass
Mar 3, 2006

This shoot was very brutal to Ariel X, who took all Mistress Natali could bring! A very good job by both women. The corset worn by Natali was beautiful. It really showed off her incredible breasts and awesome ass. She was a very harsh and gleeful mistress throughout. The punishments were super tough. Very hard whipping of pussy and butt,weighted nipple clamps, nasty clothespins placed and roughly whipped off of breasts and clit, the infamous "zipper." Good foot worship and licking, cleaning of feet & toes. Not to mention two anal probes by inflatable dildo and strap-on. Enough to choke a horse! Very nice position where Ariel X was placed in an inverted X position. This gave great camera angles and access to Ariel's orifices! My favorite part was the great sexy girlie kiss, tongues and all. The interview afterwards was pleasant to watch. Ariel's laugh was very infectious and there was good exchange over likes, dislikes and Ariel's prior shoot. Thank you for a great scene ladies! I do hope you both will return!

Whipped Ass
Feb 16, 2006

I enjoyed the punishment of Lola by Mistress Natali very much! Natali was very brutal and dominating and looked like a million in the process. She punished Lola by the crop,the whip, by ass, pussy, foot worship(which Lola in her interview said she really didn't enjoy)... it all looked pretty humiliating and punishing to me! Cutting off her bra and jeans was something I've never seen before. I don't know if I would have the strength to cut a pair of jeans with scissors and then finish ripping them by hand strength! The weighed nipple clamps were brutal, esp. when she had to worship Natali's feet at the same time.She also had her breasts pulled by the clamps.Lola took the punishments well. The strap-on sex as a reward for taking the punishment was very nice. Hard and fast then slow to deny Lola's orgasmic release. The next position with Lola's hands tied above was very different (and noisy!) in that chair.Good fingering of Lola afterwards to make her taste herself. Natali's interview of Lola afterwards shows her to be well spoken and intelligent. She got to the crux of the matter: what was most hard for Lola, enjoyable for both, etc. Natali was very classy to respond to the peanut gallery with her above comments. Very nice effort Natali! Thank you for a job well done.

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