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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by spider59

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Mar 29, 2015

More than GREAT. Shame on me, i have forgotten that LEA is so beautiful, so HOT, so NASTY. A lovely experienced TOP MODEL. LEA, thank you so much for your great performance. I have enjoyed every seconds of your FANTASY. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON on S & S. LORELEI, you are for sure a FIVE STARS DIRECTOR. Thank you so much , LADIES.

Hardcore Gangbang
Mar 22, 2015

BELLA, thank you so much. Great performance.Nice fantasy, nice location. Truly HOT and wonderful. Director LORELEI LEE, a special award for this new great gang bang. Please, take care. RAMON NOMAR is a good performer but he never shut his mouth. I have spent one year with RAMON, mouse opened on Hardcore Gang Bang and on S&S. It is truly boring.In anyway i will follow YOU (LORELEI) and BELLA on all the KINK sites.

Hardcore Gangbang
Mar 17, 2015

FANTASTIC. I am addicted to MONA WALES for ever. Great performance after a wonderful shoot with Mr PETE on S & S. LORELEI LEE, thank you so much for all this very intense and very hot videos (MONA, PENNY, ..) One more time, MONA, your performance is over any rating.

Hardcore Gangbang
Mar 15, 2015

In this fantasy MONA WALES and Mr PETE are AWESOME. MONA is sexy, hot, tough. MONA searches and keeps "eyes contact" all along the intense scenes. I enjoy every second of this GREAT VIDEO SHOOT. MONA, you are a GODDESS.

Sex And Submission
Mar 13, 2015

SHE IS A TRUE TOP WOMAN. BERETTA, i am more than happy to see you back. You are beautiful, you love pleasure, you love pain and forced orgasms. Just naked or fully tied (restained) you are HOTTER THAN HELL. I have enjoy every seconds of your performance. Hope to see you on all KINK sites. You are a JEWEL, a GEM. thank you so much to all the crew.

Device Bondage
Mar 9, 2015

VERY GOOD ROLEPLAY. Great performances for BILL and DARLING. DARLING with latex fetish outfit is too HOT. Nothing is missing. it is truly great work with two TOP MODELS, the finest !!!

Sex And Submission
Mar 6, 2015

I am truly pleased to see DAHLIA back to KINK. Pleasant roleplay and very good work with the ropes for our BOMBSHELL. DAHLIA, J. MOGUL, thank you so much.

Mar 6, 2015

YES, YES, YES. Every second of this shoot is perfect. The first position, BELLA on the back, body arched and tied was fantastic. This position points out perfect hot BELLA'BODY. Second one, BELLA tied on the floor, ass up,wonderfull. The suspension (BELLA preferred one) HOT ROUGH ACTION with one of my favorite MODEL. In my next life, i wish to be BELLA SHIRT or any dress close to her SKIN. I guess that JP was in charge of all these nice bondages. Thank you so much to all the crew. BELLA, i luv YOU.

Dungeon Sex
Mar 3, 2015

CHERRY, just a little bit younger but already a QUEEN. Don't miss this video, hard to find (in Europe). BDSM and rough sex at it best and five stars CHERRY, pleasure guaranted.

Jim Powers Presents
Mar 1, 2015

One more MASTER PIECE. When KATHERINE and JP work together, it is not for newbies. KATHERINE loves Bondage, she loves PAIN and she is HOT. KATHERINE is still one of the best BDSM MODEL. This shoot is PERFECT. JP, KATHERINE, thank you so much. Please call KATHERINE for more before she wants to retire.

Sadistic Rope
Feb 27, 2015

TRULY PLEASED TO SEE CALICO. CALICO is one real BDSM MODEL. I have enjoyed all her performances on KINK. Great xtreme and nasty shoot. Rated A ++++ for CALICO performances. Hope to see her again on any site.

Feb 25, 2015

MELODY provides us a great performance. Very pleasant games . Melody, please, come back to for some BDSM shoots.

Jim Powers Presents
Feb 16, 2015

You are not fair with your "poor members" (jokking) . Who can resit when you provide an update with ARIEL, BELLA and DARLING playing together. Three GODDESSES in the same SAUNA. Thank you so much.

Everything Butt
Feb 16, 2015

BEAUTIFUL VIDEO SHOOT. I guess that it is not easy to make a GREAT UPDATE after shoots with SOPHIA LOCKE and CHERRY THORN. JP and BELLA, you win. Great suspensions, BELLA do her best to push her limits and she does. thank you so much for this great work. i have enjoyed every seconds of it.

Sadistic Rope
Feb 11, 2015

Pleasant Fantazy, very good team of males and SAVANNAH at her best !!!! thank you so much SAVANNAH. Great Performance. I have enjoyed every minute of that video shoot. Hope to see you soon on all KINK sites.

Hardcore Gangbang