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Jul 7, 2009

lol bhuiopt that's EXACTLY what I was thinking. I'm sorry if it didn't do it for you niko, but it DEFINITELY did it for me. You put first time in quotes as if you think thats not true but I assure you it is. I've never done anal on or off camera before this shoot. If you guys want fake thats up to you, when you see me, you get it as real as it can be. And trust me that was real, was so real in fact that while they were taking some extra footage for different angles I had ANOTHER orgasm lol. I came so long and hard during this shoot I dont know what more you want. I couldnt have asked for a better introduction to anal. I came back and shot a full scene where two of the most amazing girls in the industry taught me how to do it right and it was amazing. I am incredibly grateful to kink for helping me explore my sexuality in so many ways in such a safe environment. I look forward to learning even more with them and I'm glad that all the viewers get to experiance it with me. WOW sorry for such a long post!! lol love you guys <3

Everything Butt
Jul 4, 2009

yay! I'm so glad you guys liked it. I've been waiting to get to see this shoot. It was my first full shoot with kink and its still definitely one of my favs.

Jun 23, 2009

omg fucking hot... Maestro AND Lochai.... damn, I'm one very jealous little girl right now.

Everything Butt
Jun 20, 2009

re:werdxsw Yep you are right, my very first anal scene will up be on EB. It was actually filmed a little before this but you're just gonna have to be patient. I do get an anal hook in a sex and submission scene that should be out sometime soon so you might get a sneak peak. RE: Benjamin I'm glad you liked watching it we definitely enjoyed making it for you. Maitresse and Sarah are amazing girls and so much fun to work with.

Whipped Ass
Jun 2, 2009

I have to apologize for the no tickling, Matt did ask me if he could but I am only just learning my limits. Tickling is very intense for me and I tend to thrash about uncontrollably. Being that this scene was only the second full shoot id ever done with kink (and I've never done bdsm in my personal life before that) I asked Matt to save the tickling for later because I didn't know if I could handle it. Today I shot for kink again and I was tickled a little, so If you are absolutely dieing to see me tickled take a look at the SAS when its posted. Or, you can be patient with this little girl, who is still testing her boundaries and pushing herself, because there will come a time when I give Matt the thumbs up for a little tickle here and there. I know this probably looks easy but I assure you this particular position was one of the scariest things I've voluntarily done to myself and I was definitely pushed to my personal limit and Matt and his team took care of me every step of the way. There is so much trust that I have for Matt and his team, and ALL the kink teams, they take me to the very edge of my limits and push the boundary but always bring me back safe which only makes me confident to push a little bit farther next time. I hope everyone that watches my scenes enjoys my journey and self exploration and understands that I'm only just learning but I couldn't ask for better teachers. <3

Device Bondage
May 14, 2009

Thanks for the comments everyone <3 I had such a good time and Matt really pushed my limits over and over. I'm learning so much about myself so quickly and one of the main things I have found is that I am loving the punishment hehe. hope to be back soon <3

Device Bondage
May 9, 2009

pingomatic- I'm definitely trying to add more things of the kinky nature to my personal life. Getting bolted to the floor might be a little difficult in most cases but I went out and baught a "wand" jus liek they use on kink because i cant get enough of it when im all tied up, be it in ropes or bound in metal. I've also found that I seriously enjoy certain kinds of whips, that is definitely coming into play in my personal life :) thanks for all the comments <3 Winter

Device Bondage
May 6, 2009

I had so much fun! Ariel worked me over like crazy but I learned a lot. I have a so much to learn still but I hope i get to come back to play in the future. <3

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 30, 2009

thanks for watching it guys! I was so freaked out but it was so amazing. I've never been restrained quite so thuroughly and its a very different experiance. The adrenaline rush was crazy and the orgasms were so intense. I hope you all enjoy watching it!

Device Bondage
Apr 13, 2009

Thanks everyone for your feedback! I had so much fun shooting this scene, I shot a full length HT today!! was the greatest thing! I hope you all love watchign it as much as I did makign it for you <3