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Apr 3, 2009

This was a superb shoot. Maitresse Madeline was as lovely as always, but what I really thought made this shoot was Vendetta, her connection with Maitresse and her obvious eagerness to serve her. You could tell from Vendetta's breathing, at the very beginning, that she was excited to be playing with Maitresse and that set the stage for a terrific video. I thought the wall scene was good; it was an obviously difficult situation for Vendetta, as you could see the sweat on her from trying to maintain the position. My only drawback for the wall was that you either saw her ass or her face, so you couldn't see her face and the blow struck, a minor point admittedly as the fact she was rendered as only an ass or only a face has its own allure. The caning scene was one of my all time favorite scenes on Whipped Ass. The sight of Vendetta struggling to endure the pain and Maitresse's obvious delight in her work made this very special. I particularly loved the way that Maitresse Madeline leaned down and spoke to Vendetta before the last few strokes, encouraging Vendetta to look her in the eye and suffer the last few blows for her. That connection was great to see. Finally I want to say that Vendetta was a great sub, she is very pretty and has a wonderful genuineness that was beguiling. I would love to see more of her and especially more of her with Madeline, with whom she clearly has a great rapport.

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Mar 31, 2009

I thought this was a great video, one of my favorites. I prefer the videos based upon a roleplay and liked this scenario greatly. Making Dia respond in French was a great idea as it added a level of difficulty for her and gave Maitresse another reason to take her to task. I also really liked Dia as a sub, she may be my favorite, amongst a very good group. She has such a wonderful, pretty face and I love the innocent, vulnerable look she gets in her eyes. I especially liked how self aware and specific she was, at the beginning, as to her interests and kinks. Maitresse Madeline was, as ever, stunning. She really has such a beautiful face and absolutely gorgeous eyes, to go along with that lovely, lithe body....I really envy those subs. I this she is most effective when she leans down close to Dia ans whispers/hisses her commands as it is both erotic and menacing. My only drawback, regarding Maitresse is when she yells, as it comes across, to me, as unnecessary and over the top. The caning scene was both intense and excellent. I thought Maitresse gave her a very sound caning and Dia clearly struggled taking it. I loved seeing Dia wince at the initial sting and then suffer further as the pain of the cane stroke burned its way in. It was very sexy seeing her writhe in discomfort as she tried to process the pain. Lovely.. Another notable aspect of this shoot for me was a physical humiliation that Maitresse made Dia endure. Having her crawl about in the yoke was obviously difficult for her and wonderfully humbling. Finally, my favorite scene in the shoot was the orgasm denial scene towards the end. The very real look of desperation in Dia's eyes was priceless. I only wish that Maitresse had stretched this out even longer. Seeing poor Dia weep to be allowed to cum would have been delicious. All in all, great Domme, great sub and great scene! Well done.

Whipped Ass
Mar 28, 2009

I thought this was a good enough, though not great. I really liked the scenario, that the slave has been given as a gift and Bobbi Starr is my favorite Domme(amongst an excellent group on WA); she has a beautiful face and such a lovely figure. The other Domme was pretty though I do not remember her as well and the sub was very pretty and had a nice figure. I'm suprised that this is Felony's only shoot for Whipped Ass. I thought the initial scene where the 2 Dommes are examining the bound slave was very hot. I liked the scene where the slave is bound to the spreader bar as well and the final scene where the slave is forced to piss into the bucket was a welcome, interesting bit of humiliation. The drawbacks for me were, the sub did not do a particularly good job worshipping the Dommes. I found, what appeared to be her hesitency or a lack of interest, distracting. I'd have much preferred it if she'd made an honest attempt to satisfy them with her mouth....God knows I would have. Perhaps its a minor point, but the other problem I had with this scene was the fact that they ordered her to call them "Misses" and she forgot and wasn't corrected. To my mind this was a lost opportunity. I liked "Misses" as her term of respect (I liked their naming her Skank too)for them and wish it had been continued.

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