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Apr 5, 2013

How 'tis done.

TS Pussy Hunters
Mar 27, 2013

Orange is still getting schooled in mat position. Not only does it make the tags harder but it is more difficult to hear you coach, amid the noise, when they aren't right next to you. Black appears to follow their strategy constantly and take note of most of what Syd is telling them. It is hard to tell if orange does as much because I can't hear Dragon much at all and I wonder if the wrestlers can. I little tweak on Serena's ankle during the tag but she is a trooper. Lots of energy from Mistress and Isamar and that was sexy. Beretta even got Kara tied up temporarily and Serena looked determined at the end of the round once she finally got some 1 on 1. Personally, I would like to see some defending during the tag portion but safety may come into play.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 26, 2013

Over-sized dildo is not sexy, no use for hard thrusting. Skip. Pity, I like the models.

Everything Butt
Mar 20, 2013

A successful strategic match by Team Nightmare. Seeing Serena struggle like that was a highlight and she looked absolutely glowing during the post match interview. Syd doing Dragon in Round 4 brought back memories of their singles match (but with less of a "rape" atmosphere). Always love Syd's energy during the strap-on round. Agree with the previous post about audience overly yelling, usually inane garbage, that even had Syd and Serena going at one point. It just shows disrespect towards the wrestlers. I'm all for having a good time but the membership are not being entertained by these stupid comments from the audience. Bella is a real find and I enjoy Penny's sarky comments. I will be interesting to see the improvement levels of all involved by the end of this tag team season. A note about Round 4, during a group shot, I still find myself focusing on just one on one action, amongst the group, and there was some gorgeous action in the round.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 4, 2013

As much as I enjoyed the sex and the storyline, the one thing that was totally unconvincing is this: "Danny if you want to be cast as a sophisticated business owner and make it believable, I suggest that you change the name to Daniel and lose the girly ear studs".

Sex And Submission
Mar 1, 2013

Spectacular! Rilynn has got to be one of the cutest models on this site and I would love to see her around for years to come, win or lose (surely some of both). Wenona made a stunning return with a new quieter, confident demeanor. No longer the gosh, gee whiz kid, she is now more alluring and her silent control in Round 4 was as sexy as you'll find. I loved the raw athleticism of this match and hope that you'll put Wenona up against similar competition like Bella Wolfe, Darling, Isamar, Tia, and Rilynn again. I thought that the mention of a injury was a curse on Wenona as she was involved with the injury to Isis, an unknown one with Vai, and now this. Thankfully everyone is OK.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 26, 2013

Thanks for the change in music first off. But the music volume still needs to be lowered for the interviews. Good looking group today. One team had better mat position and that dictated the points as much as anything else. I know Serena is the smallest but she doesn't need to wrestle that way, she didn't look as confident as she should. She is still a babe though.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 16, 2013

Dragon's girls really stepped up for this one. Particularly Cheyenne, Tia and Serena who, I thought pulled somewhat of an upset in their rounds. Have to also thank the girls for inserting some "pro" moves into the sex round. The "Babyswing" and "Camel Clutch" by Cheyenne on Bella (mmmmm Bella) was a highlight and its nearest equal that I can find on the web is from Japanese producers and that is mixed wrestling format not W/W. May I also say that I enjoyed NOT having a live audience with all the hooting and hollering being a distraction (for me).

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 9, 2013

Any shoot, and I mean any shoot, regardless of performer, is very unsexy if it involves fishnets. Damn, they are gross.......damn! Any woman out there if you think they turn on your male significant, think again. Damn.

Whipped Ass
Jan 31, 2013

Man, she fucking deserved that. Littering bitch needed a MAJOR attitude adjustment. This storyline should serve as a much overdue educational infomercial to all the other bitches out there. While I'm on the subject, there should be a similar episode on one of Kink's homosexual sites that deals with a male asshole raped by some effeminate men. Assholes are not gender specific, I hate them all.

Hardcore Gangbang
Jan 25, 2013

I am be being totally ignorant here, but the long squirting looked like urine to me, it certainly had a yellowish tinge. Nevertheless, I think Rilynn is stunning.

Sex And Submission
Jan 25, 2013

In addition, as much as I liked the restrained verbalizing by the male cast, a needed relief from the caveman displays, I have to agree with comments regarding the fixation with close-ups. I may be going out on a limb here but I would guess that every member on this site has seen a penis enter a vagina or an anus. If that sight is so intoxicating, then I am surprised that Kink hasn't started up a site dedicated to penetration close-ups. Give me full body shots any day along with good acting to make the fantasy as realistic as possible.

Hardcore Gangbang
Jan 23, 2013

See, it can be done!!! Doctors are normally very cerebral and assuring. The male talent used the right amount of talk and directing without becoming a group of blithering, dehumanizing troglodytes. No foreign accents using broken English and no hip-hop artists struggling to act like doctors. Have always liked Dana and I can ignore the tattoo's.

Hardcore Gangbang
Jan 4, 2013

Good wrestling rounds where Kara really showed her dominance. Round 4, I felt, could have been better, seeing as there was no doggie or hair pulling, but I'm not going to get upset about a bit of variety. I also appreciate the effort put in to giving us a few "pro" moves in four 4, but to use the industry jargon, the moves were not "sold" very well. The "piledriver" looked rehearsed, the "faceplant" move almost failed to come off, and the "bodyslam" was more of a drop if anything. I don't mean to sound harsh because, again, I appreciate the attempt to do something different but it should come across as being less scripted and be more unexpected on the part of the receiver.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 28, 2012

Looking forward to a preview, but none of the picture are loading.

Ultimate Surrender