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May 26, 2009

A very enjoyable update with good energy. I did see a lot more from Amber and not much defense or as much determination from Madison. Good Round 4 but I do enjoy seeing a good hard anal. As Madison was trying to disguise a big grin during Round 5, I don't think she quite "surrendered" ultimately. As for Jack, he played his part very well by letting us focus on Madison and pounded her quite nicely while roughing her up a bit - without vocalizing too much while doing it. But I still can't quite figure out why he had to be jerked off (did he even ejaculate?) and why he wasn't hard just watching Amber do Madison. Does the industry desensitize people that much? And Madison is a very talented fucker.

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May 19, 2009

Harmony: I don't have a regular "fox" that I can stand for more than an hour. That is so sad.

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Apr 29, 2009

Not saying the bathroom scene was a bad idea as it kept the elements that make Round 4 entertaining. But the lighting has to be better. I'm all for other locations and I like the idea of the loser making a run for it during the fucking only to be caught by the incensed victor. The girl entering the bathroom to "use the facilities" during the scene was a bit over the top though.

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Apr 28, 2009

Great match with two my favourites. One question though - do the models discuss round 4 with the cameramen and not with Matt? There was a camera waiting in the hall as Dia carried Darling out towards the bathroom. If this was to be a total surprise, I don't think it would have been handled as seamlessly as it was. The poor lighting in the bathroom reduced the hotness of Round 4 (for me). The restrictions on camera position in the bathroom didn't allow the girls wonderful bodies to be shown off to maximum effect. A submission or two would have been great but it is understandable that there wasn't one.

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