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Sep 1, 2003

I could stare at Ivy's ass for hours on end whether she's the dom or the sub. I love her perfect derriere (sp?) and would kneel down to kiss it forever. Please let me die a happy man by seeing her ass in every update from now on.

Whipped Ass
Aug 11, 2003

Ivy has the most perfect ass for worshipping I've ever seen. I only wish I could have been in babydoll's place with Ivy on my face. Ivy I'm in love!!!

Whipped Ass
Aug 8, 2003

Sorry, Nina doesn't do it for me. She's a little too butchy looking for a submissive. Bring back the blonde from the puppy dog fetching newspaper set with Kym a while ago anytime.

Whipped Ass
Jul 11, 2003

Greatest legs and ass I've ever seen Kym. You are stunning!! I adore you.

Whipped Ass
Jul 10, 2003

Ugh! This is well below this sites' usual standards. I don't find either model attractive and I hope these two don't find their way into any other updates. Give me Kym any time over these two in either a submissive or dominant role. Any plans for showing Mistresses dominating male slaves too?

Whipped Ass