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May 24, 2007

The decrepit, dirty looking locale for the shoot just didn't bring out the best in Lorelei-lighting was also somewhat questionable insome of the scenes. Rubbing her head on the floor was actually a real turnoff, ditto the toilet scenes. Just not to my tastes.

Wired Pussy
May 17, 2007

OK, not exceptional, especially when compared to last week. Perhaps Donna should actually get off as well, since she is doing all the work--besides, she looks good. Calico is, however, quite beautiful and I do like the "fresh" canvas of her body, i.e. lack of tatoos.

Wired Pussy
Aug 10, 2007

This comes under the sobriquet of "mailing it in". Perhaps repackaged as a "bonus" for those who neither watched the live feed or clicked on the "live show" button above this has value, but as the primary product of the pay site for this week?

Water Bondage
Aug 2, 2007

Eh--kind of boring--model is pretty, tatoos aren't too distracting

Water Bondage
Jul 19, 2007

Several problems with this particular entry. 1st, you were half way through before she even got damp. 2nd, although generally quite interesting to look at, the model's choice of tatoo art was not particularly pleasant to look at. Although I personally prefer the "blank" canvas look, many of the other models who are extensively tatooed have much more artistic art that does add to their look. On the positive side, the nipple piercings were quite erotic looking although perhaps more use could have been made of them. Finally, it seemed as if there was a check list of things to do--kind of like a rote route to the shoot. Also, I thought the cage was a detraction.

Water Bondage
Jan 19, 2007

actually quite a waste of electrons. both women, are, of course, beautiful, but soolin was clearly not into what she was doing. the attempt at artful lighting failed, instead, it was just too dark. soolin was better than in the sex and submission piece she did, but still of below caliber compared to earlier submissions on this site. This was a waste of harmony's beauty.

Whipped Ass
Jan 12, 2007

it would have been much better without some of the dialog. Although beautiful, both voices are somewhat annoying. Photogoraphy is, however, excellent.

Whipped Ass