Fucking Machines presents Abella Danger in 3 days of danger. Day 1
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Comments made by ernesto

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Feb 5, 2004

She is IT!

Water Bondage
Nov 11, 2002

Gorgeous girl, Peter a little more stringent this time. Once again I agree with fewer gags so you can hear reactions. So Peter, can we assume from your comments that the site will continue to focus more on the models' getting pleasured and less on their getting displeasured?

Nov 10, 2002

See Peter - even our French friends enjoy 'le croix'. Your competition has done this four times, much at my request and it seems to bring down the house every time!

Nov 9, 2002

Get Sinnamon back in and put her through the real paces. Cries nicely though she's quiet. Might be interesting to see if you can get some sound out of her. Preferably no gags or blindfolds. She can take it and actually enjoys it. Of course, my favorite would be to see her on the big cross, but I enjoy any standing arms outstretched poses. Maybe try this girl again too. She's not knockdown gorgeous but she has an appeal.

Nov 9, 2002

Sometimes I think that what I am looking to see is a cross between Hogtied and WhippedAss. Hogtied has the bondage and apparatuses (apparati?) but in recent times seems to have abandoned severity. WhippedAss has the severity, but less bondage and apparatus. I certainly know that it's not easy to get these models to submit to some of these ordeals, but I've got a feeling that there is a relationship between revenue and customer loyalty and the number of tears and screams these scenes produce.

Nov 4, 2002

the model's cute enough, and i have to admit i didn't watch the whole vid, but sometimes i think that the scenes gravitate too much toward giving the girls orgasms (which I appreciate to an extent), and less toward administering pain. some of the girls can take a lot more from what i've seen of their appearances elsewhere and videos. also, the mini-cross just doesn't hold a candle to the previous scenes of ivy and chanta rose on the full roman style cross. would like to see peter explore more with that - he got a lot of 'wickids' on those two scenes. i know from experience that that pose can be hard to endure, but giving a little support with a more horizontal footpiece (still at somewhat of an incline) and a (small sedulum - wood support under the groin while feet still together), can help alleviate this.

Oct 28, 2002

I agree about keeping the chat up and having the models articulate what they are going through/went through. I hate it when the models are blindfolded and gagged and we are deprived of the beauty of their eyes in torment or extacy, and you only hear muffled moans or screams. The interview stuff is nice too. Though I would like to see a little more cruel indifference. The site is one of my favorites, and Peter does great work, but at times the talk and methodology does remind me a bit too much of a Graham Kerr cooking show. I hope you won't take this wrong Peter, but you look and sound a little like Graham. You're not his wayward brother are you? If you ARE please let me know if you're selling the cookbook.

Oct 25, 2002

This girl definitely scores a 10. Incredibly beautiful face, body and (my favorite) legs. Very passionate. My 1st wish would be to see her go up on the traditional Roman style cross. Please have her back soon.

Oct 17, 2002

this was totally hot!! bring dusty back. let's see some expressions with eyes open next time!

Whipped Ass
Jul 2, 2002

more please! don't just dismiss this as a one time shot! i am a member of insex and one thing that members say is that different models lend something new to the same scenes. there are so many who like the crux scenes. i will notify the crux yahoo group of this scene. it's great! look how ivy struggles just from the discomfort of the pose. try one with whipping! thanks - and btw appreciate more frontal head-to-toe scenes with the model standing completely nude - no gags or blindfolds - that's just my preference but it is shared by many others.

Aug 2, 2002

No doubt - you are breaking some new ground that will assuredly pay off!

Jul 23, 2002

the girl is totally sexy in every respect. much appreciate the way you are getting away from mandatory gags. unencumbered screams and squeels are a turn-on. verbal interaction is great as well. also appreciate full nudity standing and suspended with frontal nudity as opposed to crumpled up and tied.