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Comments made by Angelo66bc

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Jun 27, 2009

I could not stop laughing. I give this one your highest rating ever. The director is a genius. For your next number, please consider: 1. A sub named heroine or cocaine. She can't take any pain. She is offended by submitting. She just likes to "challenge herself" 2. A dominatrix who mumbles or is a deaf, dumb mute. Ideally, she should be covered from head to toe like a devout muslim woman. This video was far more entertaining than the director can imagine. The line that did it for me: "I think I express myself clearly." (Highly intelligent domina...but sometimes needs a bullhorn to be heard). This movie transcends the genre. It is more entertaining than any conventional adult film.

Whipped Ass
Jun 13, 2009

It's great to watch somebody who is the very best at what they do. With the possible exception of her friend Ariel X, Dia is the best sub/bottom/masochist I've ever seen. Both Dia and Ariel are fit, beautiful and possess an intense desire to please. They can take a lot and relish every last kiss of the crop or caress of the cane. Lorelei and Bella are beautiful and exude a rare sex appeal. I love watching them. Dia's scenes with Claire Adams and Maitresse Madeline were more intense from a bdsm scene perspective. That said, Lorelei and Bella are way too sexy and beautiful for this to be anything less than a great film. Is Dia really an ex marine? Might we suggest to the director of Whipped Ass a boot camp scenario. I'd like to see Dia and Ariel as soldier girls at the mercy of a sadistic drill seargeant played by somebody like Maitresse Madeline or Princess Donna. Does boot camp with a sadistic drill seargeant and two girls who can take it and love it work for you guys?

Whipped Ass
Apr 4, 2009

Nice try. Hopefully, you'll do better next week. For starters, you'll need a girl who is a bit more credible as a dominatrix. It would help if there was good chemistry between the actresses.

Whipped Ass
Mar 28, 2009

The actresses were great, the script was creative, the movie was excellent. My "poor" rating is for the puppet masters behind the scenes who are mis-allocating human resources. Wenona is VERY pretty, super fit, and extremely flexible. Who else is going to stand on one leg, hands bound overhead, the other leg high over her head, with a vibrator on a stick pressed against her little pearl? And yet, she has been used by Whipped ass twice in five years? You have her wrestling instead? Last week, an intoxicating and very believable dark haired domina, Ms Noir, was dominated by a "toy" like Harmony? What next? A giggling and smirking Madison Young as a Dominatrix? No, wait! You've done that already at M.I.P. LOL. When you're this good...the end product is STILL outstanding. Let's see more of the chiselled little Goddess, Wenona on Whipped Ass.

Whipped Ass
Mar 14, 2009

Absolutely first rate performances by two articulate, beautiful and very sexy ladies. MM is exceptionally skilled and seductive as the Domina. Dia is a very strong masochist who happens to be very orgasmic and loves to challenge herself to take more and more. Hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot more of both of them.

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