Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

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Sep 17, 2007

I love the foot tickling as well, it really knocks the girls out of character and is so fun to see them really squirm... it seems most subs hate tickling WORSE then flogging!

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Dec 7, 2007

more more more soles torture... and add in some tickling.. i love the tickle then whip thing, thats always fun to watch them ask for each one when they can't take either of em!

Device Bondage
Nov 28, 2007

great stuff Cyd but I miss your evil tickling tactics! Whip and tickle those beautifully bound feet please, but awesome work!

Device Bondage
Nov 12, 2007

whoops, forgot to take her heels off for foot torture

Device Bondage
Oct 24, 2007

loved every second of it.. especially how wild and defiant she got when you tickled her big feet... amazing job Cyd

Device Bondage
Sep 19, 2007

words cannot describe how hot it was when Cyd was tickling her feet and she was making those amazing groans and squeals! well done Cyd! Loved every minute of this update Bobbi is great!

Device Bondage
Sep 6, 2007

awesome. love the feet rubber band/tickling thing, KEEP IT UP.

Device Bondage
Nov 6, 2007

This was by far the best most relentless tickling scene in hogtied. Sarge should get a medal for not letting it up, great torture, amazing update, fantastic model! Hell yeah sarge!!!

Oct 16, 2007

YESSS!! whip or tickle rocks!! love her tied feet! great stuff Matt you rock!

Oct 14, 2007

would have loved to see her bound amazon feet tickled

Aug 17, 2007

Matt thanks for fulfilling the tickling quota, its so fun to see how much they hate it! and with all your great foot ties, its too perfect.

Aug 7, 2007

if only there was a number higher then 5. That was the hottest tickling I've ever seen in a bondage clip, man she hated it, and I loved that she hated it! Matt you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 24, 2007

loved it... although she was hating the feet tickling, wish her feet were tied down and the tickling was a bit more aggressive! next time Sgt!

Jun 5, 2007

loved this, man this model is so hot its not even real. loved the tickling too, did I miss some of this great torture on her feet or was it only executed on her ribs?

May 22, 2007

MATT!! You are the fucking MAN! Thanks for the foot tickling and foot torture, the toes tied to nipps was a great creative twist! Keep it up brotha, great update, I appreciate the work you put in!