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Feb 4, 2009

"let me just say it" you fuckin rock girl.I suppose getting molested at the end of the shoot...wasn't something you had bargained for.

Sex And Submission
Jan 10, 2009

Sarah Jane,your the bee knees!! Doms have their own site,if ever there was a bottom/sub who could pull having one, it would be you, Sarah Jane!

Public Disgrace
Jan 9, 2009

What a site!! Now why isn't there a bar like that where I'm from.Bella you were great..taking that cock as long as you did.Princess what a perverted Woman you are(in the most attractive way).

Public Disgrace
Dec 6, 2008

Dylan you rock sweetheart ! Maestro,now that's what I'm talking about,fuck her,spit on her,smack her ass.The hole trainee melodrama can be a little to much at times.

The Training Of O
Dec 4, 2008

Madison,my god girl ! you sure know how to a wank guy,when he's just nearly there,stroke that knob just a little bit harder and let him blow everywhere.Some Women have no idea !I wouldn't say it was great,but,I suppose your just getting started

Men In Pain
Nov 30, 2008

Agree with Madgad about Clair being disciplined for losing for collar,there's nothing like a good beating of a young beautiful, voluminous woman to get my heart pumping.I know some say that a slave should be naked with a collar.It's quite erotic though to see fetish attire on young stunners like Clair and Sara,for that matter all the woman on TTOO.

The Training Of O
Nov 28, 2008

Holy Shit!Ma'am,sorry Maitresse,I take it you've had alot of experience slapping Men in the face.What I watched, you looked like a season professional.That caning!"Rico"after the first couple of cane strokes,I never would forget the name Maitresse again"you crazy man".Different from Claire, but in a good way.That nail thing,you use underneath the head of the penis,now that can be more painful than plessurable.Try rubbing that part of the penis,quick and hard with something,not with sandpaper!What am I saying"fuck it"with sandpaper,we males don't use it properly anyway.

Men In Pain