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Sep 10, 2014

kisscock: I am currently in production of a new cuckolding/forced bi website. It will launch beginning of next year!

Divine Bitches
Aug 1, 2014

Listen to Bella in the interviews. She talks about how this sort of male thought process is perpetuated by men putting pregnant women in a certain none sexual category. Too sacred?!?!?!?!?! Pregnant women are powerful sexual creatures! For the record, why would you care what everyone else thinks? Bella's happy, glowing and beautiful. She is meant to be worshipped!

Divine Bitches
Jul 18, 2014

Awwwww you guys!!!! You know I love to tease you!

Divine Bitches
Apr 16, 2014

No that is not true.

Divine Bitches
Apr 3, 2014

Thanks, everyone! The possibilites for tease are endless!

Divine Bitches
Mar 28, 2014

Thanks, everyone! It was such an honor to be dominated by Nina. What a dream come true!

Whipped Ass
Mar 15, 2014

darkside76: Let's talk!

Divine Bitches
Mar 6, 2014

Keywizard: last I checked there is no where to be found on this website where I claimed that I was catering only to you. If that was the case I'd be out of a job. Thank god it's not. You don't like it? Please, pretty please, with sugar, gumdrops, cherries and anything else sickeningly sweet, don't come back. I'd be more than happy to refund you your money.

Divine Bitches
Feb 28, 2014

musicfan29: As much as I would love to have them both back they are both retired from porn.

Divine Bitches
Feb 24, 2014

heelsman: Great observations and wonderful suggestions! I'll message you back on Twitter. :)

Divine Bitches
Feb 21, 2014

randimuser0124: You should check out the last two scenes! No screaming and quite good!

Divine Bitches
Feb 19, 2014

KevinG58: YOu win the award for best title of my next milking movie!!!

Divine Bitches
Feb 15, 2014

Because we purposely shot it in two parts and shot a ton of extra footage, more than we normally do because these two are so good! Dana sure knows how to work her feet!

Foot Worship
Feb 12, 2014

keywizard: Before you comment please watch the whole movie. Open your eyes, the ass licking/worship is there.

Divine Bitches
Feb 10, 2014

Opinions about the lighting are subjective. Technically this is a beautifully lit set. They did exactly what I requested giving it a cold, dark, moody vibe with pools of lights in different places. This sort of light creates a mood which lends itself to a dungeon scene. Imagine the set if it was brightly lit like a vanilla porn set. It would loose some of the creepy illusion. As for Gia, I'd love to have her on every week but I can only book her as much as she is available to shoot. Cheers!

Whipped Ass