Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Comments made by m_spingray

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Nov 26, 2005

It is great to see from time to time "role reversal". It would be even greater if this theme comes more often. So, more like this!!!!!!!!

Whipped Ass
Nov 19, 2004

Overall performance and theme are wonderful. One thing that sucks and remains is camera angles particularly during strapon sequences. Rare to see close-up shot, low angle shot, upshot etc... The kind of stuff that makes strapon scenes more turn on to watch. Belly to belly fuck with strapon or sandwich fuck where the dominant girl bangs and pounds the submissive one would be great. Again, camera angle is important ingredient here too. Ground level shot or low shot is a must. Also, not much in seeing intense kissings with tongue play and sucking. Look for improvement. Dan

Whipped Ass
Jul 17, 2004

When comes to "strapons", camera shot sucks. I am speaking for past and present movies. Where are the good shot like extensive close-ups. Penetration scenes are brief and annoying most times. I admit there are some, but few don't count in my book considering how many movies have been produced. Many times, camera is just too damn slow getting on top of the action and turns out completely missing it. No low angle shots or behind-the-butt shots of girls wearing a strapon. Camera person seems to have fetish for sideview shots. It's a hand-held camera. It should be so damn easy to move or zoom. Why make this childish task so difficult. There are many old and new strapons scenes made by professionals in the internet, take a good look and you might learn something. Moreover, wish that strapon scenes are longer than they are and with variety of fucking positions. 10 minutes would not hurt...... What happen to good old aggressive deep hard kissing between the girls during the strapon????

Whipped Ass