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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM

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Aug 13, 2008

once again - where's the fetish outfit, a rubber bra and a pair of rubber pants, for heavens sake does anyone actually read these comments? why can't they start clothed and end like this? why can's the dom wear something sexy for fetishists, bored bored bored

Whipped Ass
Jul 28, 2008

bored bored bored, nothing new for such a long time I'm cancelling my subscription. same background, always in a dungeon, no humiliation, always so crude and violent, nothing sensative, no foot worship, never had any shoots like that one very early when a girl is cleaning a kitchen, always the same actresses blah blah going gone.

Whipped Ass
May 5, 2008

AT last, really fab the way the dom is so confident and sexy, without all that usual immediate scary/violent stuff, great acting, outfit - superb, attractive, hats off! Thanks, I agree with all the other comments this keeps me with you guys, sexy doesn't have to be so angry and violent - as in most of the others - this is much more stimulating

Whipped Ass
Mar 15, 2008

At last, a proper well acted build up, something totally believable, and telling her she doesn't look after her body, LOVE IT - Proper humiliation at last, just wish she'd got the sub to admit she had always looked up to her, hanging around her like a puppy all the time wanting to borrow her clothes etc. But just fab. I'm sorry but I can't get into most of the others as they are just too violent too quickly with no explanation, I always click on the first videos and leave the rest because it's too strong for me, so there's soemthing for everyone if it starts slower - Don't know if it was scripted, but Delilah was fantastic, and Devaun was good too. I agree if doms and subs swap it can ruin it, but this was so good she should stay dom. Subs can act much better as Doms than Doms do, because they know what they want to hear. So I think don't tell us the real deal, just get the subs being doms all the time.

Whipped Ass