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Comments made by amandagg

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Aug 20, 2008

Isobel is sensational, and the verbal interaction between her and Lochai is perhaps the strongest aspect of a wonderful shoot. The scene in which she has to use her feet to pull clothespins off her breasts and pussy is elegantly creative. And it's not possible to say too much about Isobel -- she's beautiful, with expressive eyes and clear intelligence. Bring her back. A lot.

Jul 14, 2008

I'd love to be in the cage. I'd love to have hot wax dripped all over me while I'm tied down. I'd love to submit to Claire Adams.

Whipped Ass
Jun 13, 2008

Excellent stuff. But you guys still haven't mastered how to make the audio clear and distinct. It's such an important part of the interaction between a dom and a sub that I find it frustrating when I can't truly understand every word.

Whipped Ass
Apr 11, 2008

Superb. Kayden is wonderful. I especially like submissives who can articulate what they felt during the experience in the post-shoot interview, and she was fantastic there. But she was great throughout the whole thing. And I'll never forget the reaction she had when the clothespins were removed from her labia. That, alone, was worth the price of admission. Bring her back. Soon.

Whipped Ass
Apr 6, 2008

Terrific stuff. My partner and I -- we're lesbians -- and I are trying to figure out how we can recreate the vulnerability you must feel when spread open and strapped down to an obgyn table. Wish we had the space in our house to buy one of them. Loved the bondage in the final scene, too. Especially liked the way her hands were tied behind her back, and fastened to the rope around her waist. We'll watch this stuff again and again.

Whipped Ass
Feb 29, 2008

Love it. On-screen tieing and gagging are great.

Whipped Ass
Feb 25, 2008

You must bring Maria back. As Marty notes, her reactions were unique and quite erotic. This shoot was one of a kind, and I'd love to see more like it. Maria is amazing.

Whipped Ass
Jan 1, 2008

Terrific stuff. I'm a submissive female, and I've got to tell you that a woman never fels more vulnerable than when she is on flat on her back on a OBGYN's table. To be strapped down to it, as my partner sometimes affixes me on the antique doctor's table we picked up at a flea market, is a real trip.

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