Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Comments made by Ashantai

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Apr 17, 2006

I really liked this, a lot. I think the live shoots add a realism to it that might be missing when you have no idea how much time elapses between shots. I am all for more of these, though naturally they are tougher on the model and the crew, and don't allow as much 'complex' bondage positions. However, I think that all of the live shoots so far have been great, and I hope to see more of them whenever possible. Christina and Matt were wonderful as always.

Apr 16, 2006

I quite enjoyed this. As a new member, I am quite impressed by this, and the effort to add story to it was a very nice thing. I think that there needs to be story if there is to be a great effect on the viewer. One thing, and one thing only I would change (which is why it doesn't get a 5), is that I think there should be more dialogue from the girls after the capture. Especially then two of them are tied on the lawn or elsewhere. I think that little touch would add a great deal of drama and excitement. Other than that, super work, the models are stunning, as always.