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Dec 29, 2007

Do you all have janitory services? The girls feet always seem dirty. Maybe either clean their feet prior to shooting or mop the floor?

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Dec 28, 2007

Can't tell you how much I love the medical scenes. Why not an all medical Fetish site, you've got everything else. It was delicious!!

Whipped Ass
Nov 9, 2007

EV-ery BODy DO the Michigan RAGG!! THAT LOVIN' RAGGG!!!! Yes I feel like that Frog when I watch this video, happy one minute then let down the next. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I cum after this kind of scene, I feel a little dirty, is that normal?

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Oct 6, 2005

I've followed Justine since she was "Swan" and all over the internet I've chased he images. I must have thousands by now. When I first saw her here, I just stared in absolute wonderment. What a lovely girl. I was so sad to hear during an interview she had on Suze Video that she only likes girls, no boys. I was crushed Justine :-(

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Aug 31, 2003

Chanta is good for awhile, but frankly I'm tired of her too. For goodness sake, bring Cow-girl back or go out and find a new cute DOM.

Whipped Ass
Jul 18, 2003

Chanta is lovely, so lovely indeed I come to see her, when I'm in need. She tickles me pink, she give me a whirl, I wish she would spank me like a little girl!

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