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Comments made by tank25

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Jul 11, 2008

I have to agree with Zimbot1,I found it boring as hell.Is this whipped ass or some human art show from the village in Newyork?

Whipped Ass
Jul 5, 2008

Very weak for two hot pros.Lorelei you are more hot when you put weight on.I miss that big ass:(

Whipped Ass
Mar 14, 2008

Why do you keep trying to turn sexy curvy subs into Doms?First Daphne Rosen,now Delilah.I want to see women like this spanked whipped and fucked.What a waste of a nice big ass.

Whipped Ass
Feb 29, 2008

Sorry when I see Daphne`S body it begs to be spanked and fucked.I want her as a sub not a Dom!

Whipped Ass
Feb 22, 2008

I liked it.Please!when you have a sub with a nice big ass,have her on all fours or bent over.It`s that to much to ask?

Whipped Ass
Aug 31, 2007

Great, I love this shoot!!! Bobbi has a hot spankable ass and Sandra did a great job spanking and fucking it!!!

Whipped Ass
May 25, 2007

I love Luscious Lopez!!! She is so sexy and Harmony gave Luscious`s nice big ass what it needed!!!

Whipped Ass
Feb 24, 2007

I love Arial,she is so fucking hot!!! I love her reactions when she is getting fucked,plus she has a great ass(you can tell she knows it)and cute feet!!!

Whipped Ass