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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM

Comments made by amandachiari

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Dec 30, 2007

toungues on asses should make it in, up close, prolongued. no anal makes sense for this skit though f-that no scene is better w/o anal. about the skit--i don't like skits (as a gen. rule) tho you pros at whippedass pulled it off again! except that... some chem. birth control can <> 1% of the time fail to prevent fertilization then cause lack of attachment to uterine wall, which is why hc pro-lifers like me are leery about chem. birth ctrl. had to get a grlfrnd off pill for that rsn amng othrs. this is a hot scene othrwse tho not much spanking (& vib. toys seem like "cheating"). liked scene a lot don't get me wrong. keep the tight bodies coming & get some extra skinny once in a while if you would.

Whipped Ass