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Comments made by equated

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Nov 25, 2008

both the models, were very attractive! and i was very excited, when i saw that Daphni was in a new shoot. as a Dom, or sub, Daphni looks gr8 to me, and i'd luv to see her in another sub shoot sometime. as for feedback - i can think of a few things - 1. don't go from dresed to undressed so fast, more tits over the top of bras, skirts lifted up, pussy sucking through panties. i'd love to see a model wet her panties, and watch it run dound her leg :P 2. i may have just missed this, but i haven't seen it. i would love two see a dom with two slaves, make one fuck the other with a strap-on, while at the same time fucking the one wearing the strap-on, so that one of the slaves, is fucking and getting fucked, at the same time. 3. and i know other members will hate me for this comment, but in the early clips, the toys don't need to be so big, i would think the models could take them more, if the strap-ons were smaller at the start, and it would make anal kinder too. then pull out the larger ones toward the end. i'd prefer to see them take something they could handle, for a long time, more then something they can't, for a short time. the last few comments are over-all, and have nothing to do with this shoot.

Whipped Ass