hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Comments made by art233

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Aug 22, 2009

One of the best shoots if not the best. Invite Kristine back sometime soon. I do not think it gets much better than this.

Whipped Ass
Jul 22, 2009

The girls were good looking. Flat on intensity. A lot of acting. Sunste kept calling out Master and not Mistress. This should have brought on swift corporal punishment. Nothing happened.

Whipped Ass
Jul 18, 2009

I thought Claire and Cherry were realy good together. Cherry did take a lot of pain and that was great. I was curious why Claire was in pantyhose. It did not take anything from the scene. Just different. Send me an e-mail and tell me what was in the "Special Sauce". I am inagreement that it is good the way Claire talks to the girls.

Whipped Ass
Jun 26, 2009

It was nice to see Claire again. I thught Nicotine would take a more of the corporal punishment. Maybe some marks. I guess she reached her limit. The Cunt Hair was nice. The waxing was good. Almost too much dialog at the start and end of shoot. Well you can't be great all the time for everyone. Thanks for trying.

Whipped Ass
May 26, 2009

Fantastic, Alexa took some pain and her cum dripping out of her cunt was awsome. Thanks to both women and Kink

Whipped Ass
May 15, 2009

Since joining last fall I have viewed yur shoots from 2007 to present and this is the best. Fabulous. I have never seen Nina before. Pairred with Madeline they were more than Great. Looking forward for more of the same. Thanks

Whipped Ass
May 2, 2009

Yes! I throughly enjoyed both of these women. Awsome shoot keep up the work. Loved the marks left by the cane and the red cunt lips.

Whipped Ass
Apr 25, 2009

I thought both did a good. The scenario was ok. I would like to see more severe punishement. ie more red marks!!

Whipped Ass
Apr 10, 2009

This and the last shoot before this one were great. Loved to see the doms with neat trimed cunt hair. Keep up the good work

Whipped Ass
Feb 27, 2009

Excellent! You have produced something different than what I usually see. Keep up the good ideas.

Whipped Ass
Feb 15, 2009

This was a great Shoot. It is nice to see Madeline with a little Cunt Hair. Keep up the good work

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