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Mar 20, 2010

One of the best. Often Aiden is a bit to cool, but here she really was delighted with Chamille who was just about perfect as a first-timer, Even a cynic like me believed her. For example I noted how her pain tolerance increased as the shoot progressed. It was also one of the very few shoots for any site where there was a real feeling of seduction. One reason I prefer the girl-girl sites is that emotion of any kind is usually lacking with your male doms. They often act more like auto-mechanics who can’t wait to finish their job, wash their hands, and go home. What makes Kink different, at least for the connoisseur, is that isn’t just about body parts, variations in coupling, or even real organisms. It’s about attractive and often seemingly approachable and interesting people experiencing each other in the most intense way possible. For me this is the difference between titillation and real involvement. Along these lines, I would love to see a site devoted entirely to seduction, boy-girl, or girl-girl. By seduction I don’t just mean having sex for the first time, but rather coaxing the sub to explore more kinky experiences. I think this would work in even you toughest S/M sites with male doms, provided they treated the sub as something more than clogged gas line. A mix of S/M and real empathy for the sub could be very powerful. I would hate to think that your sites are mainly directed at men who hate women. As for me, I am taking a break from Kink for a while --- one does get jaded. But I will be checking in from time to time to see what’s happening, and I can probably be seduced back. Thnks for the memories,

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