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Comments made by Johnqueen

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Jan 28, 2010

so how much would i have to pay to shoot with Amber? :P <3

Sex And Submission
Jan 23, 2010

i dunno about you but i enjoy greatly Riley Shy updates :)

Whipped Ass
Nov 15, 2008

I practically joined this site because I wanted to watch Maya. Im not 100% sure but I believe shes top 1 to me. Decided to post because I saw some negative comments and would want to balance the tips. I have to say I felt a bit sad at about half the 4th scene :(. On the other hand I believe 99% of what is filmed (here or anywhere) has a script so, dont be so hard on her. Perhaps that was her script (which, imo is very cute). Dunno, I will love to see more of Maya in any of the sites. I liked SgtMajor's post and I believe there0s something for everybody. If you like girls who wont say an A until her masters tell her so perhaps another model would be more suitable to your tastes. In my opinion, Maya is the best and it sure takes balls to endure everything that goes on here.

The Training Of O
Aug 11, 2008

I thought I already post on this movie but since I joined for the first time I did in great great part because of this hot update/ Sasha Grey. Totally love her. Having Isis and Savannah in the same video its just too good to be true. I really love the clit vacuum, im on the more uncontrollable orgasms/less pain side of the community. Would love to watch Sasha again!

Whipped Ass
Jun 24, 2008

I love the innocent-girl gets to revision fantasy, never seem to get tired of it. Im on the "prefer orgasm after orgasm" boat instead of spanking but as well all know there are tastes for everyone (just casting my vote =D). I would love some type of membership to all kink sites for a fee. I normally jump month to month between kink sites and that would be great. Thank you for the great work!

Wired Pussy
Apr 17, 2008

hi. Perhaps Maya wont be able to read this anymore (as almost a year has passed :( ) just wanted to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever seen. I really really look for your updates in any of these sites. Wish we can see more of you in the future. I agree with m3144, fell in love with you :)

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