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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by dannyc90125

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Feb 2, 2011

The models have become too "painted" and perfect.. The subs seem to fake it Too much.. As a Dom I know.. The old stuff was great.. In a real situation, there is more build up "dynamic". Now the subs scream at the slightest touch.. The scenes lack that "squirm" factor at the beginning.. Whith the older stuff the subs had more of an obstnent nature, like in real life. subs usually stay silent until pushed.. You can read that "fight or flight" on their face.. At that moment, when they fly... it's heaven.. or hell? Anyway you guys are still the best out there.. Im sure you'll do fine without me.. Goodbye Whipped Ass.. i'll miss you..

Whipped Ass
May 8, 2010


Whipped Ass