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Comments made by pieta

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Dec 23, 2008

As a fight one-sided, as a spectacle great. Darling has all the qualities of a great aTlete, maybe she lacks the bad ass attitude of a Syd but that is exactly what makes her one of my favorite wrestlers. Karlie is still learning the ropes but I hope she stays with US and improves on her skills. I'm rooting for a win for you on your next outing. You lot at US, have a good christmas!

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 22, 2008

who needs feminism? not Gwen at least, she and billy do it so well together. I had a great time watching and if I ever meet them I buy them a drink!

Men In Pain
Dec 16, 2008

winning (some of the time) or losing (most of the time),Annie Cruz is always great to watch and gives it everything. Good to see Trina score a fair amount of points. I always hate seeing a wrestler completely white washed. Thanks girls for the great entertainment,

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 9, 2008

100 % effort in all rounds, well done Ami and well done Vendatta! (and well done referee, not easy to replace Matt)

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 3, 2008

two great athletes giving it their all! I'm doing jiu jutsi all my life, come in at 185cm and 100 kilos (I'm slightly overweight) and they would both kick my ass. great fight and great fourth round! Enjoyed it!

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 30, 2008

good solid fight by both girls, samantha had the more experience and is always great in the fourth round, I also like the camerawork, well done all of you and thanks for the entertainment!

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Nov 21, 2008

team orange, bottom of the league but top of my list! great entertainment by all the four girls. especially you jenniver, you held your own very well! Thanks

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 18, 2008

Vai is a fast learner and the nickname apprentice will not suffice in a couple of matches. good fight, great fourth round and thanks to both girls for great all round fun!

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 15, 2008

A pity the newcomer quitted the fight, she didn't do too badly against the old campaigner Wenona I think. It takes experience to be a winner and that can only be gotten the hard. I still enjoyed the (short) fight and thanks to both girls way.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 12, 2008

Darling is the better and above all faster athlete. Alexa, although a wonderfull performer, should work on her athletic abilities and try to improve the speed in her movements, enjoyed both girls and the fight.

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Nov 8, 2008

hard to watch your favorite tagteam battling it out among themselves. Wenona will remember this one as the one that got away but well done Madison! (and well done Wenona)

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 7, 2008

great show once again, well done all of you! I think Annie Cruz the bravest of the lot.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 5, 2008

I wish Isis well and hope she makes a complete recovery.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 4, 2008

brave fight once again by madison but darling was a size to big I think for her this time, well done both of them!

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 1, 2008

orange put up a good fight but too bad they lost, all girls were great and so was the ref. I like the way he is concerned for them,

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