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Comments made by vanz77

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Oct 25, 2007

Devaun is the sexiest thing I have seen ......wikid.

The Training Of O
Jul 20, 2007

This is far off the charts. Tawni is hot, I am a big fan. Your spotlight interrogation seemed to bring out the transformation to true submission, well done. Tawni, thanks for coming out of your shell. Great stuff.

The Training Of O
Sep 7, 2006

She is hot, and it was a great shoot. However, I have a comment in general - I want PUBIC HAIR!! why does everyone shave? keep it neat if you must, but leave me something. I am tired of this continuing porn-star trend of being bare. Give me hair, down there.

Apr 5, 2006

Shoot was great. Annie is truly gifted. HOwever I am downloading very slowly -- 40kbs. Your other sites (s&s, whipped ass, etc.) were never this bad. (in download speed i mean)

Dec 1, 2005

Harmony is just simply super attractive. She is hotter, and in a classy way, than most A-list movie stars. I don't know how you guys got such a hot chick on your site. God bless you.

Whipped Ass
Nov 18, 2005

hot bodies and great action, but the mistress' command of the english language hinders the sexiness. English as a first language is a must to properly humiliate a sub, otherwise the dom looks dumb. you force me to give you a 4.

Whipped Ass
Oct 28, 2005

i love you isis

Whipped Ass
Oct 5, 2005

Isis is super hot, great job with bigger files. I usually hate to see guys, but mark is damn good.

Sex And Submission
Oct 3, 2005

Princess is simply the Smartest mistress of the bunch. her intelligence makes her the hottest, not to mention her body. Too bad kimwilde is so damn dumb, or she could be great. The Princess brings you into the scene, she is good!

Whipped Ass
Sep 13, 2005

THis rocked! Who cares about the blurrs on the update page?? I can figure it out. Plus, I like to go back and forth between your many different sites when I am making up my mind which one to subscribe to. I like being able to see the updates as a non-member. It helps sell the sites.

Whipped Ass
Aug 2, 2005

same thing....sucking toes and assfukin. I want more tension built up, by making the sub wait in bondage prior to being dominated for example. Of course the two women you use are hot, that seems to be a given.

Whipped Ass
Nov 24, 2004

Greatest thing I have ever seen...Faith is truly horny and very hot. Matt has the greatest job in the U.S. Anyone who rates this below a 4 is insane and needs to get out of the house more.

Jul 14, 2004


Whipped Ass
Apr 29, 2004

Loved the end...."umm it appears our time is up...please pay the secretary on your way out." Funny.

Whipped Ass
Oct 10, 2003

Katja is extremely hot/beautiful. This shoot was perfect. I loved the pussy whipping.