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Comments made by SMal

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Feb 18, 2003

Sierra really is so cute, at times you almost feel sorry for her with that lovely girlie look she has. I wish you guys would say were else you have seen her. I really hope she will be filmed again for this site I love her. Only awarded 4 because she should have been in a dungeon in lots of bondage being forced to orgasms by carressing and fingering.

Whipped Ass
Feb 11, 2003

Webmaster... I have been all through your site from oldest to newest. The sad fact is your early stuff was harder and had more equipment. Please start to use more bondage equipment and use girls who are consistant with the amount of pain they take. Its no use us looking at Kim and pierced angel who are great and then having a wimp just there for the money. I thought the wheel scene with Kim was great. The leg spreading scene with Sadie was great, The huge dildo scene with Girlie was great. But these great scenes are mixed with so much same old stuff members loose interest. You have the potential to be great please do something about it.

Whipped Ass
Jan 29, 2003

Sorry but I was hoping for more after the great last scene these two had together. This turned into a brawl and just did nothing for me. Please if Kim is such a hands everywhere and talk back type of girl then secure her to a bondage frame and fill her mouth with a blow up gag. Rebbeca, should take time to stroke and arouse her sub for a few seconds now and then, not just non stop punishment. Also as Kim is so able to take the whip why not use a harsher design of whip on her?

Whipped Ass