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Jul 20, 2011

I have the advantage of seeing this video 4 yrs after the fact and reading the comments. Roma explained why she stopped the shoot. She hadn't had sex for some time and so she wasn't able to accommodate "everything" she was "hit" with. She wasn't pulling out, no pun intended, because of an aversion to what was being done. Rather the issue was that physically she could not accommodate the toys being used. As a DOM from "forever", I am always attuned to my sub's situation. All I can suppose is that those who complain about Roma's probable use of her safe word have never had any real time experience with a sub. You are wannabe doms. I will not capitalized the term dom when I refer to you. I have had more than 1 scene end early due to something like what Roma described. BTW I do capitalized her name because I respect her and that she is a sub, does not mean that I should demean her unnecessarily.

Whipped Ass
Jul 11, 2011

This is a great video but you do dis-service to Delilah Strong when you use lower case: "with Delilah Strong as domme".I expect better from a site like this.

Whipped Ass
Jun 29, 2011

Watching Ashley's ass as she is led out of the stock room and through the castle was exquisite, but then to see her tight asshole filled with Lorelei's dildo later just blew my mind...:) The flip was a bonus. These 2 have great chemistry.

Whipped Ass
Jun 6, 2011

Don't say "act like you are scared." that is the effect...

Sex And Submission
May 16, 2011

Nice shoot. She is different i that when she came at one point she was so into it she couldn't scream.

Sex And Submission
Apr 2, 2011

Phoenix is so HOT!!! Love her "attitude". Her with a zipper would be amazing.

The Upper Floor
Mar 28, 2011

I always love a well done zipper...

The Upper Floor
Mar 25, 2011

I have seen "The Upper Floor" in experts. Seeing the whole video, no pun intended, I am now a subscriber. This site provides a wide variety of scenes which is what I enjoy. How does one get an invite to the "Castle" were one to visit SF??? These ladies really know their place, i.e., subs who can sub from below...:) Personally they are bottoms but they do have their limits...:)

The Upper Floor