hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Apr 4, 2015

I love the look of her skin and her accent is enough to get a rise out of anyone. But the tickling is so sexy I didn't want it to stop. I can't believe Kirsten didn't tickle her gorgeous feet as well. Maybe in a future update.

Whipped Ass
May 11, 2010

I rarely post on any of the sites, but could you please explain how you can resist tickling those gorgeous feet and underarms. They are just ther for the taking and you look over them as though they don't exist. I find that hard to believe and impossible to accept. Why don't you ask me my ideas for a tickle site. It would wildly popular and extremely profitable I am sure. Hell, give me a littel start up cash to pay the models and I'll shoot it myself. But, like i said, i don't often post here, but when I do, I always say that five levels on which to rate is not these ladies is not enough. They are all great out of the starting gate. As for Holly Heart, I have seen her several times before and on a scale of one to te, she is averaging a thirty-seven. (Holly, honey. Are you ticklish? Can I have a shot at those feet and underarms and knees and nippels and.... oh you make the call)

Dec 18, 2009

I have not even looked at the video but I know without seeing it that it is great. For these ladies to do what they do is great within itself. I think there should be a broader rating system. Instead of five choices, there should be just numbers from 6-10. None of these videos should be rated beneath a five.

Whipped Ass
Jun 10, 2008

Let me say that you need to upgrade your rating system. You have a hot new girl and the hot veteran together which equals a double great 'plus' five star rating. Nice work ladies and look forward to seeing more of you both.

Mar 8, 2007

There are few words to add to what has already been said. I will, however, add this. If Daphne makes an appearance on any of the other sites, I'm buying in at that moment. Love her body, love her voice, love her responses. Would have loved to see her tickled some on her feet and underarms - maybe next time. And until next time I will be hoping for a next time and after that, I'll be hoping for another. I give it a five only because that is the highest rating available. This shoot was at least a seven!