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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by LinnyK

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Jan 26, 2009

To embrace the process so completely and allow your ass to be violated for the first time, ON FILM, speaks volumes to your commitment, (as if your markings didn't speak loudly enough!). Great sessions, great sub...great rating!

The Training Of O
Dec 8, 2008

Dylan appears to have intrigued James and it shows. Loved the latice work on her ass and her reactions during the crop to nipple scene. Maestro was a welcomed change. Great sub! Great shoot!

The Training Of O
Nov 28, 2008

Pleaes invite her again, soon!!!!!!

The Training Of O
Nov 22, 2008

Respectfully, we miss watching James bring out the best in each of his subs. The interaction between Lobo, Aiden and Alexa felt scripted, disconnected and less than genuine and these types of shoots appear to be occurring more frequently. If guest Doms are now being utilized in the name of restructuring this site, perhaps the experience of Mark Davis or Claire Adams could be considered for upcoming shoots? Please!

The Training Of O
Oct 31, 2008

Very much appreciate the attempt but this is the first time since becoming a member that we're glad a series has come to an end. Just didn't do it for either of us. Can't win 'em all!!

The Training Of O
Oct 25, 2008

You know you've done your job when you incite such debate. Charley is just YUMMY and the entire scene was worthy of my membership. Thanks for another great shoot all. BRAVO!

Public Disgrace
Oct 1, 2008

BRAVO!!!!!! Exceeds expectations!

Public Disgrace
Sep 19, 2008

Sabrina thank you for allowing us to join you on such an emotional ride! It's obvious you're completed invested in this process which makes for the best kind of shoots, (imho). I actually held my breath for you while on the box packing the water rig. James' innate ability to push just enough for the best experience possible continues to impress. INCREDIBLE JOB ALL!

The Training Of O
Aug 27, 2008

The energy exchange between these two ladies was palpable. What an absolute amazing ride! Thanks for a great shoot.

Whipped Ass
Aug 22, 2008

Claire appears to be completely uninvested in her training which is really unappealing and such a waste. Unless we're missing something in the concept, this shoot just didn't feel like the TTOO we've come to enjoy and admire, regardless of its country setting, which we love! Sara offered some redeeming qualities, otherwise a much lower rating would have been appropriate. Just didn't hit the mark for either of us. Better luck on day 3!

The Training Of O
Aug 16, 2008

Beautiful, honest and eager...HOT Little Minx!!! Your vulnerability is refreshing and intriguing, Sabrina. Anxious to see your progression and if James utilizes your desires for an orgy scene. There's a hellkitten waiting to be unleashed! Congrats on a great first day. James, our genuine admiration as always!

The Training Of O
Jul 28, 2008

Charlotte, you are amazing! When you relinquished your panic towards the end of the rope scence, K shed a tear. Just WOW! James, we continue to learn through example. Thank you, thank you for your mastery!

The Training Of O
Jul 24, 2008

Reese Witherspoon's dark haired cousin gets (almost) fisted by Princess Donna. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?!! I wish Raina a long and successful career with Would LOVE to see you work with Princess Donna and James on TTOO. Congrats on a great first shoot!

Wired Pussy
Jul 12, 2008

Inspirational!! Congrats on facing the prod....amazing! James and Princess Donna MUST team up again and soon. You leave both of us wanting more, more, more! A++++

The Training Of O
Jul 7, 2008

A fine way to quiet the critics! Very much enjoyed Mark and his interactions with you...must have set some record for consecutive orgasms in a scene. Thanks again Sarge for bringing her cute little ass to us!

The Training Of O