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Comments made by ssilbaugh

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Dec 20, 2006

WOW...I am so glad I came across Annette. Anyone who knows her from GermanGooGirls knows that this is one amazing woman (girl). She is an absolute sexualanimal and I'm not sure that this is the venue for her. Although I did appreciate the strong production quality AND the fact that I could see her getting fucked in English instead of German...HA. I'm going with a 4 because she is an absolute favorite from GGG. This seemed a bit weak. She is at her best when she is free to roam, as was obvious when she had some (not much) freedom but was able to deepthroat that massive cock. She's a pro. I'd marry her in about a minute...after the AIDS test. And the Hep test. And of the course the battery of STD tests.

Sex And Submission
Apr 18, 2006

OK...I'll be the first to say it...typical CEO type risk aversion. Donna's ideas rock. She rocks. I want and would pay for Donna 24/7. Anyone for Donna-Vision? Donna, you are the best. Whatshisface is an idiot. I await the day that I can see your beautiful face and body in the type of scene that YOU want. Cheers!

Behind Kink
Apr 15, 2005

Outstanding...who is doing the Dominating?

Wired Pussy
Mar 28, 2005

OK so IVY is without a doubt the most amazing woman on the site - if not the planet. Any other sites - outside of these - featuring Ivy. Where do I see more?

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