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Comments made by R1YAM

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Feb 11, 2009

Bella for a new wrestler is very good and im sure she will be able to give any of the top five wrestlers a tougth time. But Annie really put up a great fight for her size she did a great job Matt im sure you would agree that if there was a prize for the most improved wrestler then it would go to Annie without dout. Bella needs to take on a top five wrestler because she will soon be one and Annie needs to be matched with awrestler her own size,Great competative match both gave 100% Annie now has the speed and wrestling moves to compete plus the fitness and stamina thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 6, 2009

Syd as always did a fantastic job and proved she can take it just as good as she can dish it out. Would love to see Syd be the Dom again as she is fantastic I hope Felony will soon be back as Syds sub jh/uk.

Wired Pussy
Feb 4, 2009

This was a really well fought match Hollie was great she just wasnt able to counteract Amis speed Ami had a great win over a very good restler. With matches like that Matt has U/S in good shape. HOLLIE and AMI both gave 100% efort and it is apreciated with regards to round four the wrestlers never disapoint and it must be there descision what they do. This was a very close match and both wrestlers showed lots of stamina Hollie had the most right at the end but to late together they would make fine tag team thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 1, 2009

On a light hearted note is the body armour the two wrestlers are wearing in the promotion advert at the top of page being tested to give our new wrestlers a chance against Vendetta and Darling ? I hope team red can do well in final but team black is very strong and clever with there tactics jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 31, 2009

No one that has seen this match can say that the wrestling is not competative it was a shame one team had to lose,Alexa was great and in the first part of the match did well against Arial but Arial just has so much stamina Amber is just a ball of energy with a never give up atitude which i love Tia did a great job as she was in with three of the best. U/S is in good shape when you can put on matches such as this for the amount of training the wrestlers do it is anazing as always it was great to see Isis thanks to everyone for a great match jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 28, 2009

Great match probably the best new wrestler against the best of the best Kirra is one tough wrestler and put up a great fight Vendetta was as allways top class both wrestlers seemed to enjoy the match. When we see matches like this we should apreciate the wrestlers we have and not worry about those that have left or who are taking a break the present team are fine and we have just seen two of the best thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 21, 2009

Great match Tia put up a brave challenge to Darlings onslaught she has plenty of stamina to wrestle from the bottom for three rounds Darling is in a class of her own at present time Tia has strength as she was able to free herself on several ocasions.Loved round four Tia will be a great wrestler with a bit more experience with Arial and Darling she has started at the top,there was two Darlings on the mat but the one was always going to be the winner thank you both jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 14, 2009

Trina against most new wrestlers would have stood a chance but Bella is something special she got style points put on some great holds she fast strong and cute.The match was great Trina never gave in it must have been hard Bella had no weak points.Vendetta had an easy match to control Bella seemed to be able to wrestle safely from start well done to both wrestlers hope they both stay at U/S and see them back soon jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 13, 2009

Havent seen match yet but Trina should remember most of our favorit wrestlers started off by loosing there matches if you try hard and enjoy it you are a winner at U/S no mater if you win or lose Annie started at U/S not winning matches but winning hearts with the spirit and effort she showed and now is improving with each match so i really hope Trina stays at U/S jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 7, 2009

Great match Alexa showed us that she is rightfully placed in the ranking.Kirra is such a ball of energy that Alexa had to pace herself and she did that just right.Kirra reminds me of Amber in her style and will soon be winning matches with the looks of an angel pitbull dosnt seem right name Alexa can take pride in this match her defeat against Darling was only due to the fact that Darling is so good at present she will be winning plenty of matches Kirra should watch some of her matches thank you both and well done Venddeta jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 31, 2008

What a great match to end the year Adrianna was just to quick and strong but hollie kept battling right to the end.Adriannas time with Dia in the tag matches seems to have paid off as she is really getting stronger maybe Dia could become U/S team trainer glad to see match had no injury problems always a worry with two wrestlers as powerfull as Hollie and Adrianna thank you both and a happy new year to all members and the U/S team jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 29, 2008

Claire is a great dom she has done great shoots in the past and i am sure she will do again soon she seems to work better with new girls sometimes two experenced girls dont have the same chemistry jn/uk.

Whipped Ass
Dec 28, 2008

In reply to huperi86 i included Isis in the list becauce as an assistant ref in tag team matches we still get chance to see her plus she plays a part in keeping a eye on the wrestlers during the double tag and round four scenes allthougth she as had injury problems and is not wrestling its nice to see Isis still involved at U/S jh.uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 27, 2008

This tag team match really shows just how lucky we are to be members of U/S All the wrestlers put in so much effort the wrestling was fast and well matched Amber is such a brave wrestler and the only thing that spoilt a perfect match was Ambers injury which i hope is OK.To see Amber Alexa Hollie Ami Vendetta and Isis all at one time well it cant get much better than this thanks again jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 26, 2008

Ultimate Surrender is a wrestling site with erotic porn mix but the wrestling is very real as we have seen with new girls finding it to hard plus injurys (thankfully few)on this site the wrestlers really put in the efort (round four included)this makes U/S site speciall Matt i think has got the ballance just right i think the old saying if its not broke dont fix it is right there are plenty of porn sites out there but only one U/S jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender