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Comments made by julieghoulie

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Mar 17, 2011

I loved this shoot! I loved the take down scene! Bobbi was amazing! Please keep going in this direction. :)

Divine Bitches
Feb 2, 2011

I love Lorelei. This shoot was hot from beginning to end.

Divine Bitches
Jan 19, 2011

I really liked the scenario and I love forced bi. However, I felt like there was too much talking. I enjoy verbal humiliation, it just seemed like the chatting was non-stop and started to be too much and I couldn't sit through it anymore. Outside of that, I enjoyed the other aspects of the shoot and the models.

Divine Bitches
Jan 12, 2011

As with many of the MIP shoots, I liked the first scene the best, the focus of the second two scenes isn't really for me. I like that Divine Bitches is different and changes things up, however I wouldn't mind seeing different styles of domination that DiB doesn't show either. For example, I enjoy Miss Liliane Hunt, Mistress Matisse, and Claire Adams. Overall I like that DiB is different than MIP, and Maitresse is a much more creative director. Btw, Isis just gets prettier with age.

Divine Bitches
Jan 5, 2011

Nice to see January back. I liked when she made him bark. :)

Divine Bitches
Dec 29, 2010

I love these kinds of shoots. I'm also a big fan of the cock sheath. :)

Divine Bitches
Dec 16, 2010

The scene with Cherry on the cross was crazy hot.

The Upper Floor
Dec 8, 2010

I liked the twist with two women, very hot! Gianni was so cute, please have him back. The only thing that I didn't really like was the tongue-licking, it reminded me of fake vanilla porn, I like watching women kiss for real.

Divine Bitches
Nov 24, 2010

I love domination like this, very soothing and arousing.

The Upper Floor
Nov 17, 2010

I love these kinds of shoots. I love the depth and discussion of emotions and bdsm. I loved seeing Maitresse, beautiful, and in control. I loved seeing some actual milking, and I loved watching both men focus on her pleasure. Great job.

Divine Bitches
Nov 10, 2010

Dana cracks me up.

Divine Bitches
Nov 3, 2010

That was intense! Dia did a great job. Leo is pretty brave. I have so been where he's at- on top and on the bottom. I look forward to seeing him grow.

Divine Bitches
Oct 20, 2010

I like Ms Kim. I'd love to see her and Nomad together for another shoot. Cute manicure too.

Divine Bitches
Oct 13, 2010

I really enjoy Bobbi on top. My fave part was when she was playing with him with her feet. The conversation at the end was all interesting. I just wanted to note that I noticed Jason needs to work on his responses too. I noticed a "whatever you wish" when Bobbi asked him a direct question and she had to keep feeding him his answers. I really dislike stock answers like "whatever pleases you" to direct questions. I'm looking forward to seeing if he's grown after his shoot with Maitresse.

Divine Bitches
Oct 8, 2010

Amazing. That shoot was wonderful! I loved seeing Lorelei on the bottom again. I loved this shoot.

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