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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by rich900

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Oct 1, 2004

i kinda love body worship, i mean VERY much :D go go whippedass...

Whipped Ass
Sep 25, 2004

he's probebly asking why all the models here are girls, where the hell are the men! :D idiotaaa

Whipped Ass
Sep 21, 2004

its one of the best best scenes! the girls are awesom, the snesual act and the anal and ass licking are very very good, and the toe sucking is great also, i liked everything in this scene and looking forward to get more like this stuff. keep up the good work (this work) ;)

Whipped Ass
Sep 17, 2004

the most pathetic post here is the first one: "but now there's too much lesbian sex". ok. WTF!? are you fuckin' nuts? dont you like lesbian sex? if not then you are to leave this site and move to meninpain or somethin'. THIS SITE is all about lesbians and if you dont like to see a women dominating another women, and you're just waiting to see somebody hitting another then what kind of sex is that! anyhow i rate this as nice work, since it doesnt include lots of action and intense in it but STILL, however, a good work

Whipped Ass