Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Apr 9, 2005

All masochists like it - Rhiannon shows her appreciation and you know when it's "getting to her". Peter is sensible enough to know this is a girl to be stimulated not dominated. A low pain threshold properly handled is both unusual and refreshing

Apr 2, 2004

Great! Real acceptance - no simulated cries of pain. Get her back for more

Feb 14, 2004

whatever has happen to Ivy's gorgeous figure?

Feb 4, 2004

I see Chanta has been losing weight to great advantage to her looks Continuing to download

Oct 5, 2003

I like subs who suffer in almost total silence. Agree totally with remarks about play-acting. If I wanted that I'd be elsewhere Opinion rating is provisional on seeing full download

Whipped Ass
Sep 12, 2003

Missed your chance Peter. Heavenlee a little further over the barrel with her hands on the floor to prevent a "Clown-rolling-round-the-drum" fiasco and you would have presented her crutch to perfection. she has consented to such presentations before so would not have objected.

Nov 28, 2002

If I want a story I'll read a book. Kat is great but wasted on this crap

Nov 3, 2002

Why oh why is chantal gagged continually? It robs her of facial expression - which is half the pleasure

Oct 22, 2002

If 1 sec of that was simulated then the acting deserves an Oscar I for one was completely taken by the genuine desire and lust between these two and I don't fool easily Tj

Whipped Ass
Nov 24, 2002

Goldie seems genuinely to fear being beaten by Peter. More mutual respect would take her nearer her limits of pain