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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Nominated for Best BDSM Release AVN Awards Show

Comments made by bannybannett

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Nov 23, 2014

One of the hottest scenes on the site - really quite good - seemed so real too !!

TS Pussy Hunters
Nov 17, 2014

Mistress T is the hottest, most intelligent, most desirable and nastiest female on the planet ! What a privilege to be in her "presence" ! BTW Maitresse is a very close second.

Divine Bitches
Jul 2, 2011

Thank you Maitresse for removing all remaining doubts about which is the superior sex !! I have re-joined your site to see you perform your amazing feats ! WOW !! :)

Divine Bitches
Mar 10, 2011

AIDEN STARR is consistently gorgeous, nasty and natural !! I think she is worthy of her own site, which I would only subscribe to if it was managed by you, MAITRESSE.

Divine Bitches
Mar 2, 2011

WOW ! Tutti-frutti hot sex and so much more to turn me on !! NIKA is indeed divine - from the accent to the incredible body to the believability. Thanks once more, MM.

Divine Bitches
Feb 25, 2011

MAITRESSE - YOU are the ultimate tease, dominatrix, woman, and GODDESS !!! Please, please, more slapping of a hard cock - OMG !!

Divine Bitches
Jan 26, 2011

As Nikko so eloquently stated: "Hell,yeah !" Thank you, LADIES. I think this shoot has something for everyone. MAITRESSE - I'm still walking the streets searching for your desk !

Divine Bitches
Jan 19, 2011

With all due respect, Zipppy is not the first to get it as I have loved every cuckold scene for many years and was a boyfriend cuckold as early as 1978! And Maitresse, you would have me at your desk right now, if only I knew where it was. :)

Divine Bitches
Dec 9, 2010

WOW!!! Two gorgeous hot women in action - MAITRESSE'S orgasm is so much hotter than any slaves could be. I would love to see Gia in action again. Mazel Tov, MAITRESSE - YOU managed to make this cuckold scene as hot as any I've seen. More slapping and spitting would be nice. Thank YOU, MAITRESSE !!

Divine Bitches
Dec 2, 2010

Felony is simply awesome - as a DB and actress as well - it is so to see Felony enjoying her work so much. Felony's cuckold scene some time ago is still one of my all-time favorites.

Divine Bitches
Nov 26, 2010

Nika Noire is a Goddess who rivals MAITRESSE herself !! Of course, I deserve to be punished for saying this, but it's true. Nika did it all in this shoot and looks amazing - thanks once more, MAITRESSE.

Divine Bitches
Nov 19, 2010

When I watched the trailer, I joined once more to see MAITRESSE do her incomparable dominance ! This is fun and hot, and poisonheart (name fits) deserves his or her fate. Thanks once again, MM. You have been the object of much lust and a source of marvelous pleasure.

Divine Bitches
Sep 21, 2010

As usual, Felony delivers - I would love to see her in a cuckold scene - actually, I would just love to see her again in any scene !

Whipped Ass
Sep 18, 2010

May I humbly agree with SpitfireV and ask what planet DPLSC2000 is living on. MAITRESSE - I'm new to this site but YOU make it happen for me in so many ways. These scenes are hot, nasty and real thanks to YOU - I will miss Harmony but I treasure the presence of MAITRESSE MADELINE !

Whipped Ass
Sep 11, 2010

Once again, Maitresse delivers as only she can. I'm a new member - it's a privilege to see a true, beautiful sadist at play !

Whipped Ass